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  • Hello fellow Missourian. Sounds like you have extensive collection. My only significant item is the nude Hold On Lp cover.

  • Hi Chip ty4reply sorry4the long delay reply but it was gft8 2hear from U ....I am a newbie here on Glenn's site n need a little guidance can u help me with communications please ...........I hope U do not mind.....Trevor my boy-friend is a grt8 fan 4ever n me I just started lovin his music, i tend2work alot no play, but if u can give us some all new info u will make 2people very happy..........have a grt8day or and evening ...........TREVORNHEATHER...........

  • Howdy Chip, National league finally takes the all-star game. Whoyah!

  • Hey Chip, how is it going?

  • Are you out there!? :cool:

  • Just noticed your new signature! :cool:
    Running might fit in there aswell... :D

  • mostly rain!

  • howdy

  • Hi Chip,
    have you seen the pics I posted in my members gallery?
    We were thinking of (and talkin' bout) you quite often at the weekend!
    And it was great to talk to you on the phone!!!
    Pity they couldn't use the backdrop for the Trapeze show - it was too large and there wasn't enough time to set it up properly. So - maybe another time...!?

  • Thanks Chip very happy to be able to contribute