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  • Hi Shirl, thank you for the Christmas card. Hope you had a great holiday. It's been too long since i've written. Is your e-mail address the same?

  • A good and healthy 2012 for you,
    all the best,

  • P.S. Nearly forgot this - you might enjoy this audio interview with DC from July.

  • Hi Shirl,
    How are you doing? Really hope the recovery is going well. Sending you a new old interview with Blondie - ahem, DC... ;-))
    Loving energy to you
    Yvonne xx
    [ame=""]WHITESNAKE INTERVIEW + LIVE MTV AWARDS By Ari - YouTube[/ame]

  • Hi! Glad to hear things are good, and that you are feeling better. All's well here, got some training at work coming up, and have been doing some bits and pieces on our website, which is good, considering I'm not sure what I'm doing with it most of the time! Me and my sister are going to see RHCP in November which I'm looking forward to, haven't seen them in about 5 years, so it will be fun! I start back with Brownies next week, 30 under 10's to contend with will be interesting, but they're a good bunch, so it's no trouble! I hope the good feelings continue, and all stays well, lots of love, Helena, xx

  • Hi Shirl, hope you are feeling good, and everything is going well. Just thought I'd say a quick hello! Lots of Love, Helena, xx

  • Hi Shirl,
    Very happy that you are on the forum again. WELCOME.
    All the best'

  • Good to see you logged in again recently. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
    xxx Yvonne

  • No BCC for me Willem. Health problems prevent me from driving distances at night if I'm alone, so ... catching up with the reviews myself. Seems like I missed a great show.

    Best wishes x

  • Hi Shirl,
    Are you going to one of the BCC shows in England at the end of this month? I've seen some BCC live on YOU TUBE: It's amazing. I'm looking very forward to BCC in 2011. If you are going, please post on the forum a review.

  • It's good to see that you been on the forum, again. It was quit during the vacation period. I like your positive input on this forum.

  • Happy Birthday Shirl!
    I love your posts, I wish you all the best =)

  • hey, how's things ?

  • Hi Shirl,
    Hope you're feeling better!
    Big hug!

  • He's stunning! A few pics of him on my My Space albums x

  • Thats quite alright my dear, hope all is well with you and your family, hows the newest addition? xx