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  • A good 2012 to you.

  • :noel: Happy christmas and a good new year!

  • Thanks, Frank!

  • Good to have you aboard. You will certainly enjoy this Board.

  • Hi everyone at the GH board!
    I'm glad that I have joined the GH community here and it seems to be a nice and interesting place. I'm really looking forward to participate and get in touch about one topic or another. I'm working in the music business myself even though I'm not an active musician but as part of a management that takes care of several international muso's. I love all kinds of music as well as all kinds of art, literature and countless other things. I was born in Austria, raised in England and northern France and now I'm living & working in Germany.
    I love travelling, meeting interestingt people, love languages, photography and astronomy. I can be a book-worm too;-)