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  • Hi Sigurd good to hear from you: I wish you al the best��

  • Good Night Sigurd: another year over since the fabulous Glenn show in Zoetermeer. I hope that you and your girlfriend will have a great vacation on the Nord Sea coast this year. Maybe you both have the chance to come on 23rd September to Amstelveen, the venue is called P60. That must be in your vacation: on that date is there the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival. The opening band is Maverick
    from Madrid Spain and they have new Rainbow singer Ronnie Romero
    as guest singer for that show. HGues they will do dome Rainbow songs. Tickets are only € 12,50. I like the sound of his voice more and more. In december I go with Theo to Glenn in Haarlem: we have VIP tickets. Hope to see you again (soon?).
    Greetings to your girlfriend!
    See ya, mein Freund,

    Cheers mein Freund!

  • Guten Abend Sigurd, mein Freund. It was a very good concert in Zoetermeer. Doug fit very well in the band and I was surprised about Pontus' great drumming. Nice to see you and your wife. Thanx for the cd. I didn't have really the time to listen, but will do that soon. It was a lot of fun. Till next time.

  • Guten Abend Sigurd, Indeed strange that we didn't see each other after the show in Koln.
    There were four Dutch guys outside. I was the biggest guy, with a beany hat on. I've seen lot's of Purple and Purple related shows in Germany and I
    like the atmosphere and dedication of the German fans for these classic rock bands in general. Good to be there at these fantastic GH show. Maybe till next time. Keep on rocking : )

  • Guten Tag Sigurd, it's been a while but DP Zwolle was fantastic. One of the best shows I've seen by them in the last 10 years. I had the change to speak with Don and little Ian before the show. Don was joking as always and Ian was simply Ian, the quiet guy and perfect drummer. Ian's drum roadie gave to me and my friend four sets of sticks from Ian after te show! That was nice. It was to crowdy insite to cstch a glimpse of you. I didn't know exactly If I had to look for a guy with long or maybe short hair???? Maybe we see each other another time. Alles Gutt, mein Freund!

  • Hi Sigurd, I should go to Bonn, but because of some other shows this summer, like motorhead and whitesnake, I bought a ticket for Deep Purple this fall on Zwolle, The Netherlands. Would be nice to see you over there. I am
    looking very forward to this show because they gonna play a lot of nrw stuff. I really like the new album Now What?! An amazing good album. Good to see that Purple is on the top in many charts again!
    All the best to you!

  • Hi Sigurd, sorry didn't notice your note. Thanx. Angela Merkel ist auch toll ; )

  • Hi Sigurd,
    Wishing you a nice weekend too. We had a rather grey day today without any sun, but there's sunshine in my heart because of the next Purple tour:
    I'll go to Berlin and maybe Mannheim as well, this might be the last tour.
    See you soon, Yvonne

  • Hi Sigurd,
    Hope you like this: [ame=""]Demon's Eye feat. Doogie White: You Fool No One, Guitar Solo, Blues, Pictured Within - YouTube[/ame]

  • Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Sigurd. :snowman:

  • My new avatar
    Hi Sigurd,
    I really love this photo of Glenn and Gabi.

  • Hi Sigurd, tuesday I go to DP in Amsterdam. Looking very forward to the new album of them in February. Hope it will be epic. I think I will go summer 2013 to BONN to see the band again. Hope to see you there.

  • Excellent guitar playing in your You Tube videos, Sigurd. No doubt you've been at it for awhile from what i'm hearing.


    please hear and enjoy!:)

  • Schönen Sonntag noch - wir haben endlich mal Sonne! LG Yvonne

  • A good 2012 to you, my friend.

  • Hi Sigurd, it's a pity we haven't seen each other. I met Stormbringer74 with some friendsat the back of the venue. Party time. See ya in the future at some german show. Cheers,

  • Hi Sigurd,
    Cheers. Let;s rock germany this summer with BCC!