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  • Yo Glenn! Great to see you soon once again!

  • Hi Glenn,
    Wishing you a Happy New Year, loads of success for 2015 and, most of all, good health.
    This review on uberrock might put a smile on your face. It was obviously written by somebody who had more understanding for the musicians than for the sound guys and does not consider bad language as the main issue of a concert... ;)…-a-6th-december-2014.html

    All the best,

  • [COLOR="DarkOrchid"][/COLOR] Hey GlennyMan! I truly hope you are enjoying yourself on this tour. I've already been looking forward to this solo album that's briefly been mentioned. I love your old stuff & really hope to see you perform it along with the new #SoloBirth! #RockTown Keep ya fluids up! xx

  • Aaaaay! Look out.. Here's trouble!

  • Hi Glenn,
    When you come to Hamburg, I'm afraid you won't be able to stay at your old haunt again. The Intercontinental was closed early this year and will be replaced by a bigger hotel complex.
    Try the Atlantic or Le Meridien, from there it's not far to the Markthalle.
    Can't wait to see you with your new band.
    Take care, :lips:

  • Hi Glenn, I was shocked whenI heard last week about your heart problems. Me and me concert mate Theo are so glad that hou are healty again
    God bless!

  • Hi Glenn,
    wish you a great tour, some calm time to relax and exciting time on the stage !
    This new song of mine i would ask you to listen to in a calm hour:

  • Happy New Year, Glenn! Hope to hear exciting news very soon...
    Hugs, Yvonne

  • Joyeux anniversaire to the soundtrack of my life's sole constant artist; you are the music...we're just the fans! I wish you all the happiness in the world - multiplied a googolplex times.

  • Happy Birthday dear Glenn! :birthday:
    First I wish you to be the most healthy and lucky person ever lived!
    Then I wish you more and more success in your career!
    Finally I wish toy you and to Gabi all the happiness and lovein the whole world!
    Stay so Amazing, Talanted and Lovely person!
    God Bless you Glenn!
    I Love you and Happy Birthday!
    Thousand hugs from me! :)
    P.S. Please be more carefull with your fingers! You need them! ;) :birthday3

  • Happy and healthy 2012 for you and Gabi and the furs,
    from the crazy Dutch guys,
    Theo and Willem.

  • merry christmas to you Glenn and your people! This year i saw you 2 times, one gig was Poole, f***g beautiful, love your Soloband, Pontus was awesome.
    And BCC is really your band, anything is possible. Your book was something to suffer a bit about it, thanx for the honesty. Now best wishes to your parents too!
    God bless you,

  • hi Glenn!
    BCC to Cleveland

  • Hi Glenn,
    sorry so much for being so impatient but the first tickets for your next shows in the UK are already on sale. Could you pleeease get all the dates and places published because I would really love trying to join one show coming from Berlin...?
    Thanks a lot in advance, love, Heidi

  • Hi Glenn,
    just want to tell you happy B'day (again). For 11 years your huge fan. You are giving me power - you are a true R'n'R star. There is no music without you. Seen you a few times in CZ, for example in Loket CZ with BCC, it was raining very hard and I was so happy. Sorry about the rain BUT the atmosphere was perfect. Me and my friends (and mom), we enjoyed the show very much.
    We all love you and so much RESPECT! God bless you

  • Hi Glenn,
    Happy Birthday to YOU. Have a great day.

  • Hi Glenn,
    I'm a huge new fan since I saw you in Berlin with BCC. Now I'm catching up with listening to all your great music and my amazement is endless. I've always been a Funk&Soul fan with a big faible for good Rock&Roll (and sometimes the other way round). Just don't know how the hell I didn't notice you all these years, unbelievable. Your music is exactly the music I LOVE, every single cd I've heard so far. Hope your tour with BCC runs out smooth and in a few months you like touring again with the Glenn Hughes Band. PLEASE don't miss out a few gigs in Germany when you come to Europe again, will ya?
    Love, Heidi

  • Hey Glenn,

    Thanks for such an incerdible time this past weekend in NJ & DC! Been going to concerts for over 30 years now and your performance is the single greatest I've ever seen! You've far exceeded your previous standards and that's no small feat. Keep it up brother! As always we'll be spreading the word.

    Peace, John

  • Hi Glenn,
    I've been a fan since early seventies. I met you, with my buddy Theo a lot of times. You know us as the crazy Dutch guys. I'm gonna see you this summer with Theo in BONN and maybe some other shows. Keep on rocking, friend!
    See ya,

  • Please come to Germany soon, Glenn! We're all waiting for you here. Can't wait to see your new "baby".

  • Hi Glenn Me and my two daughters and their boyfriends came to see you in Southampton.Fantastic show and performance.I saw you in Reading also.Great show very poor crowd from my home town.This might sound a bit"Stalker-ish"but what is the best way to get to meet you or band members after gigs as I got into trouble with my girls for not staying and trying as I am not very good at that sort of thing.Any advise please.
    PS we can't wait to see you/BCC soon

    Best wishes.JOHN

  • Thank you so much for the tour diary, Glenn. Best thing I've ever seen!

  • Happy Birthday Glenn!
    all the best 2 you and your family. thnks for everything

  • Hi Glenn!
    I see your logged in on the site and we are the only two right now so I just wanted to say hello!
    God Bless!
    .....Drew K.

  • Hi Glenn! I have just joined the forum and I'm LUVIN' It! God Bless You.

  • feliz cumpleaños genio, feloz 58años desde argentina te deseo lo mejor para este nuevo año de vida.
    espero que estes muy bien y muy feliz , que sae como con amor y salud eterna
    atte: victor

  • Just wanted to wish you a more personal Happy Birthday !!! Have a great day, year and forever. God Bless You my friend.

  • Hi, Glenn!
    I only wanted to say how happy I am to know you're coming to Bulgaria again! See ya there! Take care and God bless you!

  • HI Glenn just a quick hello and thank you for 2 spectacular (and very eclectic) shows at the robin 2. Im amazed you had throat problems, as this was not evident by the awesome vocal you performed. We stayed over near the Molinuex stadium, so felt close to you all weekend. Take care Glenn we look forward to your next visit, my best to Bill and Sheila whom I met in 1994. Will J

  • good morning Glenn :) :) :)
    Hope you are ok :) :) :)
    Lots of Love and Respect
    from us :) :) :)
    Dani,Pete and baby Gabi