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  • dear Yvonne,
    on this morning after your birthday my belated but very best wishes may find you.
    Hope you've had a wonderful day with your beloved ones!:D
    i like always your words on the point, with lots of passion to our "voice of rock" and all in the purple family. Willems wishes are so funny sweet, i can hardly top that. For you spending one evening with Glenn and D.C. is my wish for you!

  • Hey Yvonne,
    I have seen the article, but thank you anyway.
    It's always great to read something about Glenn.
    Best wishes from here. :)

  • here comes the sun again, have a nice weekend!
    greets Sigurd

  • Very happy to have friends like you! :)

  • very sweet from you, oh ja i like it. And it has also a sad moment on this concert.

  • Cheers Yvonne,

  • Hi Yvonne, Merry Christmas to you too. Checkers is settling in great! She wants to sample anything on my plate, though i must be careful what-as hot sauce doesn't last long here. Her favorite is milk. Cheers

  • Hi Yvonne, like your new avatar!
    greets, Sigurd

  • Danke Yvonne for the news about Jurgen. It's always good to have you on the forum.
    Cheers, Willem.

  • Danke Yvonne for your message about the forum. I believe( from what I heard by other fans, who were on the forum in the past) that there was more freedom of speech. And that is good, as long as we are polite to each other. Have a good time,

  • Danke (for the big Ian interview): very Deep and interesting.

  • Hi Yvonne,
    Happy 2012 to you.

  • Na, so spät noch auf? ;)

  • Hi ya, lady Lion !
    Happy B-Day to you ! So you are a true Leo-lion ! Seems there`s a many of us here around,
    Ich wünsch dir alles Gute, vor allem Gesundheit, Liebe und gute Musik,

  • Hi Lioness - I'd not signed in until now ... it seems I never signed out some weeks ago! Thank you for the best wishes. The cancer is cut out now and the doctors managed to save part of the kidney though the pain has been excruciating and I've had frightening hallucinations because of the morphine, etc. My son bought me BCC 2 so hopefully I can listen to it - finally!

    Much love x

  • I have more Pix from backstage at Brum, but I'm in them - if you want them let me know.....

  • Hi Yvonne, thanx for the message and link. Happy xmas!

  • Hi Yvonne,

    Thank you so much for your interest in the show this Sunday and hope you can listen in. Obviously it will have a bias towards Glenn. Please feel free to send me a request and I will try my best to play it.

    I have posted on the main page to give you a breakdown of the music I intend to play. Because it's only an hour, I wil probabaly have to stick with prominent members of each line up.

    Thanks again for your interest and keep in touch.


  • Thanks Yvonne - yes I plan to have a really great time when G comes to the UK! Looking forward to it so much! Yes if only somebody would give us all free money!!! Life would be peachy! xxx