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  • Hi Vinicius, Good to have you back on the forum. Unfortunately for you and lot's of other fans the Rock and Roll All Stars, with Glenn, didn't come to that huge festival, because of safety reasons or so. Maybe in the future again (I hope also Europe). Let's rock, my friend, cheers, Willem.

  • Hi Vinicius: I have just read on the Deep Purple Appreciation Society-site (fanclub), that Glenn will do some solo shows in Brazil in December. Hope you will get the change to see him live over there. if you have the change to speak to Glenn: say him hello from Willem and Theo, the crazy Dutch guys. We are going to see him next year.

  • Hi Vinicius, thanx for yoyr wishing the Dutch team succes. We have to play against Spain. Difficult! We were in the final in 1974 and 1978 and both time we lost. I hope this third time we will win. Cheers and Keep on rocking!

  • Hi Rock and Roll friend: It's gonne happen: Coming friday Brazil against the Netherlands. Hope we have a great match and that the best will win! Cheers mate!

  • Hi Vinicius,
    I hope that Brazil will play good on the world cup football tomorrow. Maybe they will play later in the tournament against Holland. That would be a great match. At the end of a dream, if you know what I mean, where the mist just starts to clear. Long live RJD.

  • Thank you so much Vinicius - that's so kind of you x

  • keep on rocking, mate!