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  • Hi David,

    A new member "lionking" has been posting numerous spam links today and thought you should know.


  • Hey David,

    Lennart here, long time! I see you are still doing great with the website etc. BTW, I stumbled across this (misspelled name and all! ;))

    This date is not among the confirmed dates on the site. Do you know if there will be any more dates in Sweden this time around? (pun intended).

    BR /L

  • Thank you.

  • I think it will take me some time to navigate this site. That's what happens when you get old and rocked way too hard back in 1975. HA. I really wish they would put out a HIGH DEFINITION BLU RAY of Come Taste The Band (audio only) like they did for Stormbringer, and Machine Head. Any news on that?

  • david after all this time gotta new computer still gotta figure it out I should be on more now

  • Hi there
    My brother found a little mix up in the tourography
    Concert Ware House New Orleans was Saturday 23 october 1971
    Concert Civic Center Oklahoma City was Monday 23 october 1972

  • ??..

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  • hello david !!i am a big fan of bloomfield but i can't find his book in this thread
    nowhere....i tried to make posts but i still cannot download it!could you please help me or give me a link??
    greetngs from greece!

  • Hi i see your in sf do you happen to play bass or guitar -keyboards ? sing ? thought id ask.

  • hey Dave, where are all these usa Jeff Kollman gigs happening?

  • Hi Dave, got any soup on any shows round here in LA ..........hope all is well .....keep intouch TREVOR N HEATHER........

  • Do you know if Glenn will ever visit here Los Angeles, California we need2see him he is the Bombxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Dave thanks for dropping in , hope u r hav/g a grt8 day n please keep in contact so u can let us know all the gen with gelnn Hughs tours over here in california, being a nebie n all that, i sure would appriciate it cos Glenn Hughs is the bombxxxxxthanx Trevor n Heather

  • Glenn's Tweet: "SB Empire~we are filming a 10 camera Video Shoot." Is that enough to confirm there is a live DVD shoot for BCC since Kevin Shirley is over there as well perhaps to supervise the audio recording?

  • Hi David.Just a quick note to say how much we all enjoyed Southampton,My two daughters came again with their boyfriends.It was the boys first ever gig.They are now Glenn fans.Thought he was amazing.I got in a spot of trouble with my daughters because I did'nt stay behind to try and meet Glenn.I am not very good at that sort of thing.Any tips for the future as far as Glenn is concerned.

  • Thanks so much - I get it!

  • Hi David,

    I posted a message about the Nottingham show but I can't find it anywhere. Is there a way you can track the message? I'm not sure if I used the right sub forum ;) Thanks!

  • Hi David, I hope you are well mate.
    I'm trying to find the page where the Australian tour shirts were on sale?
    are they still available? I cannot find that link - sorry to be a bother. Mike Sarantos

  • David what's this about Stratus being a territory only thing?
    Its my favorite song of all time, and not included on my cd.

  • Hi David,
    Aston Villa loses 1:0 to Rapid Vienna, now that's a big surprise!
    That goal (16 seconds into the first half) was the quickest Rapid ever scored in a Euro-Competition match.
    Looking forward to hearing the result from Birmingham next week. I have a gig with It's A Snip and will only be able to watch the first hour or so...

  • un abrazo grande desde argentina david

  • hola amigos: como estan todos , espero que esten muy bien y con mucha salud , quieria contarles que es 21/8/2009 www.glennhughesbaires.com.ar cumple 4 años , espero que cumplamos muchos mas, ademas espero tambien que lo estemos haciendo bien .
    atte: victor
    pd: saben si glenn viene a la ARGENTINA??? 2009?? 2010??'

  • thanks David for a great forum and terrific website