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  • Hi Willem, just see you're on the site right now. Have a good time and many greets from Sigurd. Long live Rock 'n Roll!

  • Hi Willem, greets from my wife and me to our dutch Glennfan. Nearly a year we've seen at the concert. Hope you are fine, my friend. Every time i see you on your new Avatar i think like i went: Look there's Glenn besides Rembrandt! Ha Ha, cheers one Heiniken please. Holy moly.. In 18th September we're going again for holidays to North sea, Den Haag. Many greets and good time Siggy

  • Hi Willem, ahh ..we 've forgotten to get our email adresses. Here's mine: "Siggym1@aol.com"[/email]
    So we can stay connected,
    greets Siggy

  • good morning Willem,
    so i hope you're doing fine, wasn't that a great time on Friday in Zoetermeer?
    best wishes my friend, and i really like you're new Avatar!

  • Hi Willem,

    so you missed me in Köln, nice to hear. But i was threre, also waiting outside the Gloria after the gig. Maybe you were looking for a very longhaired guy, indeed it is not as long like two years ago. I was standing alone with my brown leatherjacket smokin' my Menthol cigarrettes in the cold. And yes i watched some friendly dutch guys standing there too. But noone looked like the man on the Website Avatar called Willem.
    So it is a bit strange we never meet.
    You know i like the dutch, also going for holidays to Den Haag nearly every year, enjoying the relaxed athmosphere and lots of chocomel.
    many greets for you, Siggy

  • Goedendag Willem, nice to hear from you. Wonderful you had a fantastic evening with purple in Zwolle. You could not see me because i was not there. A Job at the time and i had to cancel! Oh i was upset cause i 'd loved to visit the Netherlands again and the show. Maybe next time. By the way in Paderborn Little Ian was not as quiet, he can be a real Entertainer, but the best is when he's speaking with his sticks!
    My best wishes for you my friend. Sigurd

  • Hallo Willem,
    just booked my tickets for Zwolle, hope it'll work alright so we'll have a great evening then.
    greets Sigurd

  • Hi Willem,
    Hope you are ok. Let's raise a glass (or two) on the occasion of Glenn's birthday.
    Cheers, Yvonne

  • Hey Willem, i'm going to Zwolle DP concert, hope to meet you there!
    greets Sigurd

  • Willem, I'm speechless, thanx for your words again.
    My plans seem to take me to Holland in autumn for a DP concert.
    greets and have a nice time my friend! Sigurd

  • Willem, congratulations for your new Koning and Konigin, we just watch on tv the whole time. greets

  • Hey Willem,
    you're lucky, DP next week in Amsterdam-spirit of freedom and smell of the sea,
    have a good time mate!
    Bonn with DP 2013 might be a good idea to meet, we'll look forward.
    Cheers Sigurd

  • Hallo Willem,
    at first thousand thanx for your strong words, so much support!
    I hope we can drink a glas together next year my friend.
    Be happy! Ciao Sigurd

  • Hey Willem, how are you my friend? i haven't logged in ages sorry for not getting back to you, I went to Metal Open Air in são luis to see Glenn but unfortunatly the festival was cancelled =( won't miss his next gig, hope he comes to Brazil again soon. all the best to you mate =)

  • Hoj Willem,
    Following is an interview with J.R. Blackmore. Jürgen was on the jury of Hard Rock Rising, a contest for newcomer bands, taking place at the German Hard Rock Cafes.
    Have fun and Happy Easter!
    Rocking greetings, Yvonne

  • Hoj Willem,
    About your post today: I can only speak for myself, but some of my posts here with news have been deleted completely, or the contents was corrected, a photo was missing... Which of course is a bit frustrating. This is definitely not a place where you can talk openly and freely.
    Kind regards, Yvonne

  • Thank you so much Willem. I hope this is a good year for you too. x

  • By the way, Willem, as I think your German is quite good, I'll send you a link to an interesting interview with Big Ian, which he gave during the December gigs in Germany and in which he clearly expresses his political opinion!


  • And a very Happy New Year to you, Willem, my friend. Let's hope for some interesting news, records and gigs! Dag Yvonne :)

  • :noel: Happy christmas and a good new year!

  • oh my god.. just see your invitation.. oups !! of course we are friends in digital and real word !!!
    Cheers mi amigo !!


  • Didn't see ya in Bonn, it's a pity. I was looking after you from time to time, did you see me?
    I had a purple jacket on. Well perhaps we meet some day. Good time for ya.

  • thanx mate, have a good time, BCC rules!

  • Hi Willem, here's the link to a short review of my last Purple gig with links to many more useful info:


  • Thanks so much for the kind words willem. Keep in touch x

  • hey there mate! Robben and Sneider where unstoppable against Brazil =) you guys played with far more focus and patience, and deserved to win for sure. I would love to see Netherlands going all the way, and with this world cup being one of the most unpredictable ones yet who knows, right? good luck man, hope to see a huge party in Amsterdam at the end of the tournament =)

  • thnks mate =), well we started off with 3 points but we've got to work on our passing
    Holland has a amazing attacking team, one of the favorites to me! hope you guys have a great match against Japan tomorrow. Cheers!

  • Thanks brother!
    Long live rock `n roll!