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  • Wieso spät auf - ist doch früh! :-)) Die BCC DVD läuft gerade noch...

  • Hallo Chris,
    Handkuss nach Wien! Pleased to meet you here, you've been around for a long time!
    C ya! Yvonne

  • Great idea about using the Running album cover. :) I was thinking of using a different album or photo on that dude's shirt so it can be seen better. That image is from some notecards Paul (wolfy) sent me. He's the one who picked out the 'Trapeze' cover to use. I might change his t-shirt from time to time.

  • yeah. keep meaning to reply. busy busy!

  • Hey Christian, all taken care of for 'ya :)

    Visitor Messages are something seperate to Private Messages (PM's) - they are "public" messages, almost like a "wall" post on Facebook. You can still PM folks and those will stay private. Hope that makes sense...


  • hi mate! hope you're ok. will be in touch!

  • Hopefully the rest of the EPL season will improve things :eek:

  • Just noticed by accident you replied to my message. I guess we don't get an email notification any more of private messages....which aren't private any longer :)

  • Hey man...what do you think you're doing messing about in my profile :)