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  • Ha! There you are!! I want to get you a CD, something you might not have heard, unless you haven't gotten the BCC2 yet. If you haven't I'll get that! Man, I need to lose about 90 friggin pounds, it's gotten ridiculous. Oh well, got to get it done, no matter what, but I LOVE To eat.

  • Hey Rodger! How's it going man? I haven't been eating too many cheesesteaks these days myself. Not on a sucky diet. Just eating clean. Lots of meat, eggs, seafood and veggies. I'm down about 25 lbs since the new year! Still have some beers and it hasn't derailed me at all. I will throw a few back for ya!! Be in touch my friend!

    My address is: 2290 Galloway rd C-22, Bensalem, Pa 19020