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  • John!!! Hey man, send me your address at "steeltrapab@earthlink" I'd like to buy the new CD for ya! I really appreciate the favor brother, I'd like to return it. Hope all is well, and I hope you will do me a favor and have a great Philly cheese steak for me since I am on a major sucky diet! lol Oh, and a beer!! Or two or six!

  • Hey no worries Roger! I am glad to be able to get it to you. I's sorry to hear about all of the troubles you've had. I hope that you are all on the mend. As to sending me money, I don't want you to worry about that at all. It was my pleasure to hook you guys up. Keep in touch my friend!!

  • John: I don't want you to think I didn't appreciate the CD, you have no idea how much. We've just had so much sickness around here that on the good days I've been too busy to listen to the dang CD. I hear my son listening to it and singing with it, but I have not had a chance to listen to the thing but two or three times myself. Susan had some very serious health problems right about the time we got it, then I got sick and have only felt halfway decent in the last couple of days. I DO appreciate it, brother, from my first couple of listens I like Joe's voice almost as much as Glenn's. Love the songs. I see they're about to start on another one. That's killer. Anyway, I will get back to you. If you will send me your address I can send you the money for that CD in a week or two. I really appreciate getting the chance to hear it earlier than I would have been able to buy it, but now I can. Thanks again, JOhn.