The Montanas - 1967

You may recognise a couple of faces! John Jones and Terry Rowley who would later join Trapeze Mk.I - the latter would also occassionally contribute to both studio and live performances with the Mk.II and ultimately, 3-piece Trapeze.

They recorded on Picadilly and Pye Records and their best remembered numbers, both released in 1967, were Ciao Baby and You've Got To Be Loved, the latter made it into the lower half of the American Hot 100.

The 1967 Pye Records UK release of Ciao Baby was backed with Anyone There - PYE 7N 17282.

In 1967 Jake Elcock joined the group from Finders Keepers and Graham Hollis became the drummer. In 1969 the group underwent a fundamental personnel change when Johnny Jones and Terry Rowley joined the original five-piece, Trapeze.

The third of four 1967 Pye Records UK releases garnered their biggest hit, You've Got To Be Loved backed with Difference Of Opinion - PYE 7N 17394.

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