Day-Off in New Orleans

Here is Glenn during a day-off from the Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp in New Orleans, visiting the Musicians Village at the Upper 9th Ward on Sunday, August 17th, 2008.

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  • Yes, Glenn Hughes is's a fitting thing,to see him in days-off in these places, someone like him who has achieved so many feats in music. To have him performing at the Fillmore is just one of those natural feats, because, since I was a kid, I used to read in newspapers about this and that band 'playing tonight at Fillmore West' and it is always like someone "graduating in music"; "yeah, so Jimi Hendrix played at the Fillmore, hey he's great", stuff like that...But, sure, nowadays, we see so many formidable venues always calls for even greater achievements, because there is much more competition, and Glenn always stands center, he's really the best ever among these rock musicians, because he's got the nerve and experience, and people like Dizzy Gillespie and Joe Pass, in jazz, also stood as unmatchable acts because of their skills and natural leadership, so with Glenn Hughes in rock music.

    His bass style is unique, remarkable and free as rock must be,the best singer ever, his style in electric guitar is one of those situations where one can say, "semi-acoustic guitar belongs to old Trapeze days", where rock was much more loved. We see him in this flashback thing...I have a friend who lives nearby my place, Grajaú, Rio, Brazil, who owns a cd/dvd store and he showed me this live Trapeze cd with Glenn (I guess it was a show in 2000 or something so, it was an in-memory of show); I also find Glenn live in Australia and I pursue his City of Angels and Jaxx, Springfield, videos...The best ever in modern music.

    Carlos Bill, bass player, composer, journalist. (ex-bass player; I have some pics in there, clicking on 'pics' of the site).

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