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    I was listening to the 3 Badlands CD's and followed them with the BCC CD's and came to the conclusion that Glenn and Jake need to work together, especially now JB is out of the picture we could have Bad Country Communion!

    In all seriousness Jake E Lee is the type of guitarist i thought was what the hype was about.

    If not Jake then Adrian Smith ...You pick!!

    I ordered mine from Barnes and Noble online on Aug 18th (I ordered Tony Iommi Iron Man at the same time) Both had a ship date of Nov 1st. Iron Man arrived today (3rd) but Glenns book has still to ship and is not yet in stock!!! This sucks, I ordered it so I would get it on or around the release date and the only reason I used B&N is I got given a gift card for my B'day. Hurry up B&N!!!!

    My pre-ordered CD+DVD showed up on the 16th!!
    Unfortunately only had time to listen to 1/2 of it. It sounds great.
    Am I the only one to receive it early?

    I've given it a few listens (not the DVD yet) It didn't initially grab me like I thought it would but it sure is growing on me.
    Joe's voice is very VERY reminiscent of Paul Rodgers (Free & Bad Co.) and in places you'd swear Danny Bowes (Terraplane & Thunder) was on the CD. I like all the songs, love a few. It will definitely stay in my player for a while. Can't wait to see them live!

    I don't think Purple have released a 'Classic' album since 'Perfect Strangers' (Although I rate 'Slaves and Masters higher - but that was really Rainbow!!)
    My opinion is that since Blackmore left (And he'd left in spirit after 'Perfect Strangers') there was no quality control over Ian Gillan, he's always been hit and miss and he needs someone to crack the whip over him. No one in the band since has a big enough personality to keep him under control.
    Don't get me wrong I love Deep Purple (Flaws and all!) but Jon Lord and Ian Paice always seem to just go with the flow and Roger Glover always seemed to be a yes man (With either Blackmore or Gillan) Don Airey and Steve Morse are making a good living off of Purples reputation.
    I dunno if they'll ever record a 'Classic' again, good tunes, sure.

    I know I'm comming off as a hater, I'm not. Purple are a great band, I just have higher standards for them.

    I think the Coat-tails comment must've been aimed at Jason Bonham. I personally think he's a great drummer but doors were definitely opened because of his Dad!

    Quote from Caveman

    but one I can completely absolve, is the one who actually has a career

    Seems a bit harsh!! Who doesn't have a career??

    Quote from Caveman

    And he doesn't ride on anyone's coattails

    Hmmm, How to win friends!!! I don't know but I think Kevin Shirley needs to think before he slams people! It's nice he's obviously friend with Joe B, but that's a nasty dig at Glenn!

    5years later!!!
    I just discovered these demos. And while I love 7th Star (that and Phenomena lead to my GH addiction) I though Glenn had more to do with the writing. I'm kinda disappointed now that the music (On a least 4 tracks) was complete. Obviously Glenn is responsible for Melody and some lyrics.
    I don't know... I just thought there was more Glenn in there!!

    "with more to follow"

    does that mean Falmouth and Exeter could become official?

    Need some more places closer to the Midlands!

    Falmouth and Exeter???
    I used to live real close to both (walking distance to Exeter gigs!!)
    Now I've moved to Riverside California I can't get to see him!!!! Arghhh

    And yes I did miss the Riverside guest spot! Recession - No money!

    Nothing a lawyer can't sort out :) After all, the books will be delivered to a name and address, right :D

    My thoughts exactly, but why put the temptation there in the first place??
    I'm from England and I saw so many times Movies/CD's/TV shows bootlegged because they had limited releases (Released early in different regions) I understand the concept of regions, but surely bootlegging can be reduced buy removing the opportunity! I remember reading once that at any one point in time only about 3% of music is available commercially (Legally) What happens if you want to buy back catalog and it's been deleted?? That's where Napster, Kazza and all the others came in!!
    Sorry....Bootlegging is a pet peeve of mine!

    Are you sure?

    500 actually!!

    As news of what you might think of as a 'traditional' printing run is available, you'll hear about it then. For now, these limited editions, are what is available to pre-order.

    I am sure!!
    I thinks you missed my point. I would NEVER play an $800 piece of vinyl! Most people who buy this are gonna be purely collectors who are never gonna play the record. So I would say that a good 90% of these 500 book packages will remain sealed! So, realistically only a small handful of people will hear these songs!
    This I think risks another problem... Illegal downloading. It's possible that at some point someone will bootleg the tracks and sell them (8th Star / DEP sessions were not released at all and they got out!)

    Now this is the same kind of thing that's going on over at Joe's board!! Except they are saying that about Glenn. I put my 2 cents in there and I'll do it here. I felt as you do until I really gave this guy a listen. He is fantastic!! Listening to this guy makes me want to conjure up all kinds of thoughts about the possibilities in all this. As to his stature or lack thereof, you'd be surprised the following he has. He plays some decent sized venues and does sell CD's.

    Hmmmm... I guess!
    I was kinda hoping to see Glenn back touring stadiums, although I do love the intimate club settings.