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    Well, I finally received my whitesnake cd/dvd today and I just finished watching it.Coverdale will always be one of my favorite bluesy rock singers however, he does not sound the same to me.Although, I really enjoyed the quality of the dvd and the sound was off the charts.I'm sure I pissed off some of my neighbors.Coverdale still captured the stage presence and he was really involved with the audience,I like that!He still is one of the most sexiest men to me!He looks like he's in great shape as well.I guess I was anticipating him hitting those long high notes like he use to.But, you can't live in the past and I guess I should be thankful that he put this very fine cd/dvd out that looks just like a video/rockumentary, it's great!I felt like I was in the audience with everyone else! It's really enthralling!Coverdale owned,commanded and demanded that stage!!!I just wished he would have sung,you keep on moving,mistreated,sail away and soldier of fortune.Other than that he pretty much rocked it! Just my opinion.
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    I don't know if this question was ever asked on this site but,I first heard his exquisite voice on seventh star's album back in 1986, I was 15 at the time.Of course it was no stranger to love that blew me away! I knew then that (1) I had to buy this album,being a big fan of sabbath anyway and (2) I had to find out who this guy was!As the years rolled on I asked around and of course I went on the web to immerse my self in all things glenn.Glenn's albums are like potatoe chips,you can't just buy one!!!!!! Also,some of his albums are hard to find so they're like hunting for a sunken treasure!!!! :cool:

    Ayesha, I don't know if it's on this website but, I found an interview of glenn by kevin dubrow and then glenn interviews kevin from january2005 on ( or It's on one or the other i'm not sure but, glenn said his favorite albums were,feel and play me out.He said that play me out reminded him of how he was on speed and cocaine when it was made and it brings back not so good things :( My favorite is a four way,addiction,soul mover, soulfully live in the city of angels and dep sessions :cool:

    Here is my list of paint peelers,Glenn Hughes,Ian Gillan,David Coverdale(Still of the night,Here I go again),Rob Halford,Robin Mcauley,Michael Matijevic(Steelheart),Tony Harnell (T.N.T.),Joey Tempest(Europe),John Sykes (Blue Murder),Ray Gillen,Michael Vescera(Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Seventh Sign),Tony Martin,Paul Stanley,Tim Ripper Owens(Judas Priest),Graham Bonet,Sebastian Bach(Skid Row),Robert Plant,Joe Elliot(Def Leopard),Mark Slaughter and Eric Adams(Manowar).I don't know about you but, these guys send chills up and down my spine when they sing! :bow: :claphands

    Hi! Grace,
    I'm listed as Buffalo,NY because that's where I reside.However, I'm a Jersey girl born and raised all the way! I've been residing in Buffalo now for almost 4 years . The boundforJersey screen name was formed back in mid 2000 when I moved from Jersey to Texas for business reasons of course! I was so out of my element there that everything I did was symbolic until I moved here. It's still not Jersey or NYC, but rest assured to me it's better than Texas!But, I digress , I'm glad to see that you as well as other folks get what I am saying! It's good to know. I did not want to offend anyone. Sometimes I am too passionate about my opinions as well as acrimonious. Hey, a moment of clarity here, not to sound cliche' but, that's something for me to work on for the new year!

    People,people,people understandably I get that everyone is a HUUUUUUUGE Glenn Hughes fan, so am I however,honest critiquing to me is the best gift a fan can give to an artist! I'm sure he doesn't think that everything he sings is fabulous.Also,i'm sure he has had and probably have people around him telling him that everything he does is great.For example,THAT BLOND HAIR SITUATION IN THE 90's! Folks it's okay to not like everything an artist puts out and still be a fan. It does not take away from that! Obviously Glenn values the fans input and i'm sure he knows in the music business you have to take the good with the bad! To me that's how an artist grows,learns and strenghthen themselves :thumbup:

    I love glenn's voice however,I am more geared toward david coverdale on certain deep purple songs that glenn use in his set.Like off of burn,coverdale rocked it singing sail away and mistreated.When glenn sings mistreated somehow to me it's not convincing.When david sings it ,it is.I think david had an old voice when he was young.He just has the right voice for those songs.Also,david rocked soldier of fortune off stormbringer and david rocked dealer,i need love and drifter off come taste the band.To me the only other singer who can sing mistreated is Ronnie James Dio off of the best of rainbow the millenium collection 20th century masters.Glenn is a fabulous well rounded artist but,to me these other guys sound better on these songs :)

    I agree however, don't forget about IAN GILLAN and DAVID COVERDALE. Gillan for his take the paint off the walls pitch and Coverdale for his variations from high pitch to just above crooning.Just my opinion!:claphands :bow:

    I have a question about a hyperthetical situation? If Ian Gillan was to leave Deep Purple again and they ask glenn to front the band with david coverdale again or by his self would he do it? Also, if ritchie blackmore wanted to work with glenn again would he do it? Just was wondering!