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    Can You Believe That Music For The Divine Is on EBAY Already! It's posted out of copenhagen,Denmark for $18.99 and it's posted by another seller out of the U.K. for a pre-order! WOW! We have to wait until June 9 for our copies and they listened to it and placed it on ebay! What's wrong with this picture? :confused:

    Can someone tell me,WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT LITTLE SNIPPET IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT OF GLENN ON HEAVY LAST NIGHT? Where is Deep Purple in all of this? If they can show Def Leopard and the other glam,trash,sleaze bands from L.A. Why not the Purple BABY?Don't get me wrong i like damn near all the bands that they have been showing,hell, the 80's were my teen years!Some great nostalgic memories.However,That five second clip of glenn commenting on spinal tap was straight messed up! :mad: :mad: :mad:

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    Im a Sweden Rock regular but since I want to catch King Diamond in concert, I'll skip this year and will go to Arrow Rock festival here in Holland. (same day) Almost the same line up with: Ted Nugent (!!!), DIO, Heep, Blackfoot, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Roger Waters, Def Leppard, Status Quo and many more.

    Too bad we don´t have W.A.S.P. :D

    Hey, Arjen I love W.A.S.P. too! Blackie Lawless Is beyond words! I've been a fan of theirs for 23 years now! Wow! Now I'm depressed ,That just made me feel very old! :( :eek:

    Quote from Ptr

    "So when you make such a list of range, be sure to use livematerial only."

    We usually get a "confirmation" of that notes in studio and in high notes too :) For example - Freddie Mercury hit his highest note on live concert (unbelievably high - D6), Gillan hit same note on studio and on live too (B5 - one note higher than Child In Time)...

    What about Gillan on the Black Sabbath album (Born Again)? He sang the hell out of that title track! I know the album did not do that well but,he still killed it!What about Rob Halford? The man is simply amazing!All of his music is great but, one album and one song really stands out to me and that is (Screaming for vengeance) and the song is (Blood Stone). He rocked it!

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    I thought there was something wrong with my CD so I downloaded different mp3-versions (and even a wave-version) of the album but they all turned out to have the same annoying noise. Maybe there was some screw up in the mastering process?

    Surely there couldn't have been any intention of recreating the vinyl sound on a CD? That would kind of miss out on the whole point of a CD - which among other things consists of getting rid of the vinyl noise.

    Remember Incense and Peaches has a 70's sound and vibe to it,just like Soul Mover and Songs in the key of Rock!So I can understand why the vinyl cracking effects are in the song.It's different and I like it.I have heard other artists do this as well!

    I don't own the album but, I heard a lot of their songs.They were really popular in the late 70's early 80's.One thing I know for sure you will like their music.It has a Funky vibe to it.A couple of my favorite songs by them are:

    1 You dropped a bomb on me
    2 Early in the morning
    3 Burn rubber on me

    and the list goes on and on.In my opinion they are in my top 20 favorite funk bands. :thumbup:

    Well, I would have to say;

    1 Parliment ( any thing by them)
    2 James Brown ( any thing by him)
    3 Rick James ( any thing by him)
    4 Glenn Hughes ( Soul Mover)
    5 Earth,Wind and Fire ( any thing by them)

    And the list goes on and on.But, these guys are definitely in my top 5. :claphands :claphands :claphands

    Mine goes a little something like this:

    1 Feel
    2 Medusa (Trapeze)
    3 Addiction
    4 Blues
    5 Soul Mover
    6 Soulfully Live in the city of angels
    7 Phenomena Trilogy(1,2 and Psychofantasy)
    8 Come taste the band (DP MK4)
    9 Seventh star ( with Black Sabbath)
    10 Dep sessions (with Iommi)
    11 Fused ( with Iommi)
    12 Voodoo hill
    13 Voodoo hill (wild seed of mother earth)
    14 From now on
    15 HTP 2
    16 Incense and peaches (from the archives vol. 1)
    17 A soulful xmas
    18 Stormbringer ( DP MK3)
    19 Burn (DP MK3)
    20 Song in the key of rock

    Sorry, I just could not do justice with just 10 albums.I had to go the distance with 20.Glenn's music and voice is just that intoxicating and enthralling! :clapper:

    Although I'm not that familiar with them I like Y& T.I only know several songs from their Contagious cd(Eyes of a stranger,Contagious and Armed and Dangerous) Oh yeah, and one song from their Down for the count cd(Summertime Girls) I only know them from their videos being played on MTV in the 80's.Back then I was a 15 year old high school freshman that did nothing but, watched MTV all the time.That's when MTV was the best!They only played music videos not all this mess they have today! Too many shows not enough videos!I believe that's where I first saw Black Sabbath's(with Glenn) NO Stranger To Love video.Of course on Head Bangers Ball! Can't believe they tried to bring that back on MTV2!You can't recapture those times.That's how a lot of people got to know of the artist,from their video.It was great networking!Also,I got to give a shout out to WSOU Seton Hall University(Pirate Radio) in South Orange,Jersey!Jersey,my home state! They are the best! They played bands from the area and from all over and even had on air interviews with the bands if they were playing in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area.I remember them playing Sabbath's No Stranger To Love a lot too.That's how I got to hear about a lot of bands as well.Any one from Jersey would tell you WSOU is the station!Unfortunately,where I live I can't get it on the radio and I have not listened to them since the summer of 2000 but, hopefully my husband and I will be moving back to Jersey within the next 2 years and I can hear them then :thumbup:


    Mine is a mixture of just about everything and everyone!

    Jimi Hendrix
    Yngwie J. Malmsteen
    Van Halen(With David Lee Roth)
    Deep Purple(MKll-lv)
    Kiss(What's Shaking to NYC)
    Black Sabbath(all lead singers)
    Bon Jovi(What-What to Jersey)
    Dirty Looks
    Pat benatar
    Bruce Springsteen(Shout out to Jersey)
    Pink Floyd
    The Who
    The Stones
    Cinderella(Holla To Philly)
    David Bowie

    Okay, so I'm an eighties child sue me! And the list goes on and on but, I figure everyone have more important things to do than to read my ramblings.

    People I don't know if this question was ever asked on this site but,if it wasn't i'm asking it now.I'll get the party started! My favorite ballads are:

    I don't want to live that way again
    Blue Jade
    Golden One(Gabi's Song)
    Days of avalon
    Change yourself
    It falls through me
    In memory
    So much love to give
    No stranger to love
    From another world

    The Guru did his thing on these songs! They all are Killer!
    Way to go papa! :claphands :claphands :claphands

    My long,tedious journey has come to an end.I finally found the funk guru's play me out cd! Pardon me while I say,YEAHHHHH! I found it over at ( the seller was a record store in NYC called midnight records.Fast shippers too! It's remastered and it has bonus tracks! What a find! People I searched high and low for this cd.I know you are probably thinking why did I not try ebay,amazon or, I did.Ebay only had it in album form and amazon and did not have it at all! Gemm has all kinds of cds from all over the world just like ebay just not as big and not as well known.They also has a large selection of papa's music.So I say to all who can't find glenn's music,before you throw in the towel go over to gemm's site and see what you come up with! :thumbup:

    Really vibing off of psycho fantasy,However I really like the first one where glenn sings on the whole cd.But, this one has some songs I like as well.Of course all the songs glenn sang and tony martin sang and the song so near so far.Papa really put some umfff into it on how do you feel! what a sexy song! He killed it! I like Phenomena 2 dream runner a lot too but,it's hard to tell papa from ray gillen on that one.I did not buy phenomena innervision because glenn was not on it. AAh whatcha gonna do :cool:

    I just wanted to say papa rocked the hell out of voodoo hill and addiction.I purchased voodoo hill recently and it was worth it.Also,I know addiction is a dark album but, he knocked it out of the park again!I was looking at the photos on the addiction cd and glenn could be a male model with the cheek bones he has. I'm so jealous! Women pay thousands of dollars to get those cheek bones.Finally, I received my goods from glenn's store on this site and ladies I got to tell you, invest in the coast to coast thong it's worth it! And fellas invest in buying one for your lady you won't be disappointed! ;)

    Can't wait to get voodoo hill 2 in the mail! Papa the funk guru! :claphands :claphands :claphands

    Cool Daddy's music and pipes blew my speakers and wireless headphones for the third time! I was playing (SITKOR,SLITCOA,Fused and TDS) and my speakers blew again! Normally, I would be screaming mad but, It's papa and how could I be upset!

    NOW THAT"S ROCK N' ROLL!!!!!! :claphands :thumbup: :clapper: