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    David, Will you be posting the eighth wonder's A Soulful Xmas cd this holiday season for our listening pleasure? Last year it was very festive and absolutely fabulous how you had this site looking and sounding! :thumbup:

    Savior of the real
    What your living for
    Resolution song
    The spell
    Still the night
    Phoenix Rising
    Hell on wings
    Who's watching You
    Assassins of the night
    Right to live
    So much love to give
    life of misery
    How do you feel?
    All of A soulful xmas

    And that's just a warm up! :thumbup:

    Here's what I have come to find out through family,friends,associates and strangers.I was playing the soul mover cd one day and people actually thought that papa was african-american.Then, when I told them he was english and who he was(Trapeze,Deep Purple,Black sabbath,Klf,Gary Moore and solo cds) They said, Trapeze was too country fried bluesy-rock for them.They said,when he was in Deep Purple with Coverdale it was not rock any more it was too bluesy and funky for them and Deep Purple was and always will be Gillian and Blackmore.They said,when he was in Sabbath that it again was too bluesy for them it was not the heavy Sabbath they were used to with Ozzy and even Dio.They never heard of Klf and They had no comment on papa's stint with Gary Moore.As for Papa's solo cd's they said,Judging from his prior work with bands past, That they catagorized him.They figuered Glenn Hughes,you will get blues and funk.Now, some people said his music was too spiritual.While others said,After hearing my soul mover cd that they liked it and Glenn could really sing but,why should they buy his music when they can buy any African-American R&B artist cd and hear the same thing? Most people who have heard me play my soul mover cd usually say that, especially when I play the songs soul mover,she moves ghostly,high road,isolation,dark star,last mistake and land of the living.I know I read on the slitcoa cd liner notes that papa's influence on music had some very impressive african-american names on there.While that's great and all,A lot of rockers in this country want to hear full on rock.While the R&B, bluesy,funk people want to hear full on r&b,blues and funk.Where do you fit Glenn in at? Personally, I like that he is multi-faceted! It's unique and leave you wanting more!But, some people don't get that or don't like that.Like for example, over here where I live they call any artist who is caucasian and happen to play blues,r&b,funk,rap,hiphop and even some jazz blue eyed music.The few people who I have heard say that,I asked them why? They said,to them certain music should only be sung and accepted by certain people!Everything else is wannabes.Of course I was Floored!However,everyone has a right to their own opinion and as opinionated as I am I respect their right to do so.I would want the same respect for mine.I don't agree with their opinions and I find them sad and out-dated and closed-minded.With people like that and you add the pop craze in this country in the mix,you have a recipe for disaster! Then, fans of Glenn's in this country suffer, because we don't get to see him play a usa tour :(

    I am so tired of people trying to cover any hendrix songs! They don't measure up imho! Hendrix was and is in a class by himself.Imho no one since can play the guitar like that man.For example, When he covered Bob Dylan's All along the watch tower and Like a rolling stone.Imho he did a better job than Dylan and you could understand him.Hell, when the rock stations play those songs,they always play the Hendrix versions.But, when people TRY to cover Hendrix songs it's not the same.Look who you are being compared to!Don't get me wrong I like Dylan but, Hendrix really put the hammer down on those songs!A couple of years ago a car company had a commercial with Hendrix's Voodoo child playing in the back round only it was not hendrix it was Stevie Ray Vaughn's version of it.Now I like Stevie Ray Vaughn but, not covering a Hendrix Song.It's like someone trying to cover Glenn's songs.Look who you are being compared to!The same thing with The Doors, when the remainding members had this concert thing on either mtv or vh1 a couple of years ago with different singers all singing The Doors hits.They had Scott Stapp(CREED) and Scott Weiland (STP and Velvet Revolver) and Ian Astbury ( The Cult). While I like these singers and the bands they were and still in, They are no Jim Morrison.To me When Jim Morrison died it was over for that band.He was The Doors!And no one getting up on stage in leather pants singing his songs will change that! You might say there is no comparising going on well, I say come on, damn near everything is a comparison or competition.Some of you might agree and some of you may not. And it's cool,however, I simply WILL not argue over MY OPINIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE MY OPINIONS! And argueing will not change my mind on this.To me Hendrix Is The Greatest Guitarist Ever!People may try and some may even come close,while others may try to copy him but, there was and will always be one JIMI HENDRIX!:claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

    I've pretty much given up on finding a copy of 4OTF, considering that I never buy vinyl I'm not very likely to find a copy. Was it even released on CD??

    I've not been able to find Soulful Xmas and my hunt for the first Phenomena album has been unseccessful, but apart from that I think I have pretty much all of Glenn's major collaborations.

    Beese, I saw another copy of A Soulful Xmas And Four On The Floor over at that's where I found my Play Me Out Cd with the four extra songs on it and also I found my Incense And Peaches/A Soulful Xmas double cd there and That's where I found my Four On The Floor/Play Me Out double Lp there too.As for Four On The Floor ever being released in cd format,I don't know.As for the first Phenomena Cd,I found that on

    Four On The Floor,Oh Four On The Floor How I Don't Have To Search For You No More! I guess by this you can tell I Finally found it.Oh how I have searched.I have searched so long that it does not seem real!The last couple of albums I searched this hard for were Play Me Out and A Soulful Xmas.Thank Goodness I found them.This my fellow ghcp was soooooo worth the search!Patience is a virtue!I have it in Lp format but, I don't care, It is befitting for the time.It also came with Play Me Out as a double LP.It has Liner notes and of course a story of how Play Me Out and Four On The Floor came about and was named.

    YAHOOOOO! :clapper: :bow: :claphands :bouncer:

    Well, I'm elated and exhausted! :eek:

    Black Cloud
    It's My Life
    Send No More Letters
    So Much Love To Give
    Life Of Misery
    A Right To Live
    Big Time
    Livin For The Minute
    Does It Mean That Much To You?
    Inside And Above
    Funk Music
    Don't Walk Away
    Double Life
    Love For Sale
    Feel The Magic
    Bed Of Roses
    Out On Me
    I will Follow You
    Beyond The Numb
    Getting Near To You
    Fools Condition
    Take Me With You
    She Knows
    Hell On Wings
    Who'sWatching You
    Assassins Of The Night
    Still The Night
    Kiss Of Fire
    Phoenix Rising
    Running With The Pack
    All of the R.O.C.K. cd
    All of the Addiction cd
    All of A Soulful Xmas cd
    Into the void
    Lay my body down
    why don't you stay
    If you don't want me to
    The Only One
    All of From Now On
    Hey, I know It's A Lot But, It's My Fantasy! :D Maybe a four disc live dvd /cd combo or something! :thumbup:

    Happy Birthday Papa!

    May you have many more! Enjoy the day and Have a big piece of Birthday cake,it's well deserved! Like the old adage says,"Like a fine wine you get better with time"! :claphands :claphands :claphands

    God Bless You!

    Thanks David and Beese! I'm not having any problems with it,I thought that there was a way to remove it because I did not see the edit button icon on anyone elses' postings.Now I know what's up.Thanks Guys! :thumbup:

    David, Can you please tell me how to turn off the edit button on my postings? I tried to do it through the user cp and I did not see any thing to allow me to do it. I even tried faq and it also did not allow me to turn it off.

    HEEEEELP!!!!! :huh: :confused:

    Quote from Arjen

    Cool another WASP fan here on the board :D
    WASP will be touring Europe next month. Hopefully I will be able to see them twice. In Belgium and Germany. They're skipping Holland for some strange reason :huh: :huh:

    Anyway, be sure to check them out next time they're playin your town (or state)!!! :thumbup:

    Arjen I read on w.a.s.p.'s website over at that blackie lawless had to cancel some shows because of health reasons.They said it was something with his heart or artery. Anyway, if you go to their website you will see what i'm talking about. What a bummer! And he has a 50th b-day next month too! :(

    You are alright with me arjen, I love w.a.s.p.from F**k LIKE A BEAST to their lastest cd. I have their latest cd called, "NEON GOD THE DEMISE". I have NEON GOD THE RISE as well.They were playing at a small club here about ten minutes from me and when I found out it was too late :( My time will come.

    I was and still is a fan of prince.It's hard to have a favorite album by him.I love all his stuff.But, if I had to choose I would have to say Purple Rain.All of his music from purple rain and earlier is where I was really feeling him.Sign o the times and later I kind of drifted. But,I like his last two cds that he put out.Prince is a musical prodigy! He's so dynamic and energetic as well as multifaceted! Got to love that!

    Well, I gave M4TD several listens and I have to say,Papa layed it down! Already my favorite songs are:The valiant denial,you got soul,frail and nights in white satin.The valiant denial reminds me of the song easy lover by phil collins and phillip bailey from the 80's.Frail made me cry and nights in white satin soothed me.You got soul moved me. The rest of the songs are good but, these songs are my favorites.However,SOUL MOVER ,ADDICTION, SLITCOA,PLAY ME OUT,MEDUSA,INCENSE AND PEACHES and FEEL will always be my favorites. Although I know he can't go backwards,I'm happy that papa is confident,happy and comfortable in his own skin and making the music he wants to make.What a great rendition of nights in white satin and the strings are well placed as well!It gives the album a certain cache. It seems with each album he is constantly doing something different.I like that!You never know what to expect!
    :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :thumbup:

    I agree with you shirl, Glenn does looks very happy,healthy,and strong! He also looks very confident! As well he should! He has a lot to smile about theses days. Imho he's always had a lot to smile about.The man has talent,looks and charm! A true Icon and legend in his own right! I'ts just a shame that more people in this country are not aware of it!And we fans/ghcp get to pay the price.By that I mean no u.s.a. tour. One day hopefully people would stop obsessing about Brittany Spears' baby mama drama and get on board with real meaningful music! I can relax now that I'm off my soap box! :lol: