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    I don't know about this tribute with this particular line up! You have to eat,drink,sleep,bathe and be baptized in funkdafied to cover a james brown song!This is something that is inborn!Soul,funk,blues,jazz and r&b have to be in your bones to get the job done right!I have heard many try and it did not work out.

    James Brown is a hell of an artist to cover! Those who want to try good luck! :cool:

    I like them! I have them on the soundtrack from the 80's movie "Trick or Treat".The movie featured Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne.The movie was cheesy, but the soundtrack was and is fabulous! :cool:

    Is Glenn really going to play Smoke on the water?! :huh:
    How many songs is he afforded to do?
    Hope he :bow: can do also tracks from his great solo efforts like : You're in my blood!!! :claphands

    Why would he sing smoke on the water? Imho that song is strictly a mk2 song.To me it just does not fit him.Leave the mk2 songs to mk2.I can't picture Ian Gillan singing burn,mistreated and stormbringer!Gillan was dead on when he said,"Why would he sing songs of mk3 and mk4"?He said,"He just would not feel right doing it". :huh:

    I have several questions about Run For Cover.Isn't that Glenn singing lead on all the songs? It sounds like it to me.Also,If in fact it is Glenn then why does the booklet that comes with the cd says,run for cover title track is Gary Moore as lead singer as well as empty rooms,out in the fields,once in a lifetime and listen to your heart beat? Then there's Phil Lynott singing lead on military man!I love this cd,Gary Moore is in my top 20 Guitarist.I also love the song nothing to lose,it's my favorite song on the cd!Although the 80's was a dark era for Glenn, I love his voice on 7th star,phenomena,phenomena 2 dream runner and fused even though it's not from the 80's.I like the heavyness and darkness of his voice.His lighter stuff is fabulous as well but, I tend to lean toward the darker stuff :cool:

    I actually found them thru a Store reseller, so you could search on Amazon and you'll find the appropriate links, although they do have a website where you can order from direct - - just search in the Music section and on Trapeze!

    They're certainly a lot closer too home than darkest Peru :D

    That seller is fabulous! I ordered a lot of cds,especially Glenn's from this seller.The shipping is fast also.This seller is on amazon,ebay and :)

    Damn, I thought The Stone Pony was closed down!Wow, I can't believe they are still open and going strong!I haven't been there in a long time.I can't remember the last band that i saw there.As for Kip Winger, great talent as well as handsome,sexy but, too many guys ragging on him for being all those things.Jealousy is a vicious cycle!All because a LOT of girls was hot for Kip.So they started attacking his talent.The man played behind Alice Cooper for several years.So IMO he paid his dues :cool:

    Hey, I'm a Prince fan as well. I think he rocked the halftime show.But, then again he always rocks it!

    As for the few who had negative things to say,We all are entitled to our opinions however, What celebrities, athletes, artists, etc. that you know who does not have an ego whether big or small?Prince has always been that way,at least since I've been a fan and that's been since the early 80's.The man is simply a genious!Not too many people who have been in the business as long as he has can go away for a while and come back with a hit album.

    Most artist from that time became stuck in that time.Some how they either could not or chose not to reinvent them selves.Look at Madonna, The queen of reinventing your self.Do you think she would have the props she have today if she stayed stuck in the 80's mode?If I had the talent that Prince has, I would have an ego too! He is one artist for sure who can do a rendition of Hendrix and pull it off.I'm sure Hendrix is one of his influences.I don't know why he did not want to play him in the Hendrix movie they were making back in the 80's.

    Prince is a funky,soulful,r&b,bluesy rock comodity.Say what you will but the man has been around a long time and will be around even longer.I'm sure there are people eager to play with him.But, he only chooses a small number if any.He's quirky,handsome,sexy and private.Prince his royal bad ass!
    :claphands :claphands :claphands

    DC always had such a great, naturally soulfull voice, and I think he ranks right up there with Glenn in that regard, but technically he has always been somewhat lacking..too nasal in his upper register for starters. I read he gave up smoking a couple of years back which, of course, is great news however, the years of that awful habit made him really lacking in stamina as well. So the combination of those two factors have really done their damage over the my opinion. Still, I'll always think of him as one of the greats and, as a vocalist myself, a tremendous influence early on.

    You nailed that one Rob D! Speaking as a former smoker of 18yrs. of menthol cigarettes, I know it was taxing on my voice as well.My voice constantly changed and i was nasal most of the time and i had sore throats and colds often as well.DC may not have the voice he used to have but, he still is concert,cd and dvd worthy.

    What a terrible loss to the music world.That man was funk and soul.He was the innovator of it,and no one never have and never will ever compare.He had a long career right up to the end.Who knows where hip-hop,rap,r&b,club and house music would've been with out his major influence.His music does live on.He truly was the hardest working man in show business.He always gave 120 percent on stage and made sure the fans got a show they will never forget.

    Sleep on brother,May you R.I.P.We all will miss you!

    So sorry to hear what has happened! The most important thing is that both Glenn And Gabi and their pets are okay.It's straight messed up all that these intruders took and did,especially knocking over their pets ashes! Despicable!It's a horrible feeling and especially around the holidays.I had this happen to me once and was mugged and fondled at gun point by five guys another time. It turned out that I knew the person who vandilized my home and two of the guys who mugged and fondled me were neighbors! :mad: :mad: Talk about double whammy!Glenn and Gabi keep the faith,be safe and enjoy each other and your pets and please don't give these jerks the satisfaction of ruining your holidays!I hope the authorities recover all of your belongings.

    Oh boy looks like he still is going strong!I remember he was voted sexiest rock singer a couple of times. He still looks good and still is sexy to me! I only saw kiss twice,once at meadowlands and second at Q garden.I have their box set.Now I have to check out Paul's solo stuff,i'm sure it is going to rock! Gene Simmons seems busy with his family reality show "Family Jewels" on A&E channel.No comment on that :lol: