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    LOVE the 1st single, "Stay Free"!

    Makes me think of what a 21st Century "Stormbringer" track might sound like; sort of "You Can't Do It Right.."-like, but simultaneously slinkier, and harder, and with touches that are distinctively Black Country Communion.

    The band is definitely firing on all cylinders here, and if this song is indicative of "V" as a whole, then we're all in for a REAL treat!

    Oh, June - why are you still so far away?!?!? ;(

    ..and there it is.

    Can't say I am surprised about this, actually.

    With all of the higher-profile Trapeze reissues that have come out under the Purple Records imprint via Cherry Red recently, it struck me as interesting that something like this was being put out separately on another indie label entirely.

    Not to be a cynic, but it smells a bit like a cash-grab...

    Many years ago, I started interviewing Glenn with the idea of writing just such a music biography, but early in the process I came to understand that it was far too early in his comeback for such a tome, (this was back in the "Blues" and "From Now On" era), as he had many chapters ahead of him that were yet to be written.

    Later on, after he worked on telling his own personal story with Joel McIver, (which really was the book that he needed to write), I decided to just shelve the whole idea, as the Internet had become more of what it is today, and his career was so well-documented on line already, that there seemed little point.

    It was a neat idea at the time, though, and maybe someday someone will give it a go...

    "Justine" is well worth it - a slinky funk/rock song recorded with Matt Sorum and Stevie Salas around the time Glenn ultimately started working on "The Way It Is".

    Initial plans were for them to write and record an album as a 3-piece band but, in the end, only a couple of numbers were ever released from those sessions as I recall; "Justine", and a few tracks ultimately featured on the "The Way It Is"...

    Yep - those are all the songs Glenn sings on this masterpiece of an album!

    "Face the Truth" was a huge statement record for Glenn as he made his comeback in the early 90s, and I have to say that I always felt that his partnership with John Norum was among the most promising pairings he ever engaged in, though sadly it only ever yielded this one album and a couple of tracks on Glenn's "Blues" record.

    FTT is an epic album, brimming with both muscle and melody...

    I can't help but agree here; Glenn has already done his legacy tour for his time in Purple, so another go-around for this is not particularly interesting to me.

    Perhaps if he had an album of updated DP recordings - think Whitesnake's "Purple Album" here - with an all star cast of guest musicians on it, I'd be more interested but really, at the end of the day, a proper solo album and supporting tour would have been my preference.

    No doubt the Return on Investment for another legacy tour is a no-brainer, but still...

    I've long hoped that someday Glenn might do some sort of concert performance for release as a live album/blu ray with special guests and songs that really celebrate the breadth of his career as a solo artist, band member and collaborator with some of the finest musicians in rock.

    I mean, how cool would it be to have a concert with Glenn front and center, augmented with guest performances from players like Pat Thrall, John Norum, Tony Iommi, Joe Bonamassa and Doug Aldrich?!? 8)

    The core band could feature Chad Smith, Ed Roth and Soren Anderson, (or something like that), and a duet with special guest David Coverdale on "You Keep on Moving" would be the icing on the cake!

    Probably far too expensive a thing to pull off for too little return in this day and age, but it would be one hell of a special release that's for sure!

    You know, David - I totally agree with you where the inclusion of cover songs in their live set is concerned; yawn - not all that interesting at all.

    That said, it's not as if Glenn hasn't had cover songs on his solo albums or in his live sets either - "I Just Want to Celebrate" and "Nights in White Satin" come to mind right off the bat in that regard.

    At the end of the day, though, what I really like about TDD vis-à-vis what they put out to work with Glenn really comes down to two words; flash and swagger.

    Glenn is a white-hot singer, and he needs a band with a bit more vigor to stand up to what he throws down with, especially in a hard rock context, and I've always felt that he was at his best with a strong and truly virtuosic rock guitarist as his main foil, which is why I love seeing him work here with Doug Aldrich. For my tastes, this pairing sort of sits in that sweet pocket that past endeavors with Pat Thrall, Gary Moore and John Norum have displayed.

    I'm not saying that "Radiance" is necessarily the best album that Glenn has ever done, but I do feel that, taken as a whole, it is the best Daisies album he's done so far, and I look forward to seeing this outfit grow further...

    I should add that I have nothing against BCC. They are a great unit, no question about it, but for me Joe Bonamassa isn't quite the kind of guitar player I really like seeing Glenn with in a rock context. Bonamassa is without a doubt the most brilliant blues / blues-rock guitarist out there today, but as a hard rock player somehow he just doesn't punch all the buttons for me. In BCC he seems more "able" than "brilliant" to me...

    In the end it all comes down to personal taste, of course, and in that respect nobody's personal tastes are ever wrong, which is what makes these debates so interesting! ;)

    As an aside, I'd add that another guitar player I have long wished that Glenn would work with is Jake E Lee. If ever Glenn wanted to go back to an energetic power trio a-la Trapeze, I'd love to see what that might sound like if he and Jake were to do something together along those lines...

    Have to say that, while the best songs on "Holy Ground" might stand a tad taller in swagger and profile than most any of the songs on "Radiance" individually, the latter is a better album over all in that it is more cohesive from top to bottom and from front to back than its predecessor.

    Glenn, Doug and David have truly gelled as a melodic and creative unit, and it shows.

    And Brian Tichy? Superlatives fail me, but surely he was always meant to be the drummer for this band?

    Say what you want about some of the other band projects that Glenn has been involved with in the more recent eras of his career, (Voodoo Hill, Black Country Communion), in The Dead Daisies Glenn has finally settled into a band that truly suits everything he brings to the table, and the reward for those of us who have followed his career over these many years is nothing short of magnificent.