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    Ok Everyone . This Is Gonna Be Dumb.
    And Who Really Cares
    But Here It Goes /.....................

    Ive Seen Pics Of The Members Of Dp Mark 5 With Linda Blair A Nd In The Photo Section There Is A Pic Of Glenn With Linda All Dressed Up Like The Were Hitting Some Big Event . My Dumb Question Is Did Glenn Or Any Of The Other Memebers Date Her Then. Ive Seen Tons Of Photos With Her.just Never Knew About That . Did She Date One Of The Guys Or Was She Just A Big Fan Of Dp.?????????????????

    Dont Curse Me For Asking This Dumb Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hello to all.

    i havent posted much here but i do have something to say about glenn useing DP songs in his sets. true us hard core fans would love to see/hear nothing but solo/new songs but i do also see the point of using the older songs too. ive read on other blogs and message boards of other bands ( KISS , BLACK SABBATH, AREOSMITH ETC and its always the same """ drop the older songs """ from the core fans , this is very hard to do, because these proformers /bands are playing for all the fans and trying to get new fans into the older music and new music.

    still im one of the ones that would love just new music in there live sets.

    Hello everyone this is the first time ive posted here and have a strange question to ask .I was surfin the net today and came across the web site for CLASSIC ROCK in the interveiw section i was reading an old interveiw with GLENN its from 2000 and he was talking about the INSTANT KARMA cd . He also said sometime about recording with Chaka Khan next year (2001), has any one ever heard of this recording , or even if the two ever recorded a track.I think their voices would be great togeher . Let me know if anyone has any info about this .

    hello everyone , new to posting but not new to the message board . i want to first say hello to everyone of you great glenn hughes fans , like me . my question would be for someone to tell me what there fav GH song is , or maybe list fav new song vers older song .an old fav of mine is THIS TIME AROUND , i love glenns voice on it , and a another track i am crazy for is CLEAN UP MAN from BRAZEN ABBOUT. let me kow what you all think.