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    Our Funk Father, who art in Funkland, hallow'd be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy funk will be done , in Scotland as in the rest of the world.................HOPEFULLY!!!

    fingers, arms, legs,toes,etc crossed!!! :thumbup:

    With the greatest repsect to JJ and jeff K, Papa is at his finkiest when 'Funky George Nastos' or Pat Thrall is on geetar!!

    Bring on the F.U.N.K. - even if there wil be no Scottish dates!!!! :thumbup:

    Many thanks for the reply Papa.

    You will always feel pressure to play Purple Mk3 stuff as (a) no one else palys is; (b) no else plays it as good as you (sorry to say that DC's voice has seen better days live).

    I hope you are able to play from your vast back catelogue, including solo/ Hughes Thrall and leave the Mistreared/ Burn to the encores.

    I hope you feel better soon! :thumbup:

    Thanks for the reply David.

    Looks like I am cursed................I live in Scotland and don't get to see him when Papa tours.............I move to England and he does n't tour.....................I move to Scotland again, he doesn't play up here!!

    Shame on those weak promoters!!!!!

    Might just go camping instead! :thumbup:

    £37.50 plus booking fee for one excellent live band (Def Leppard) and, I am sorry to say, a band with a singer who hasnt got a voice anymore!

    A lot of money for one band........shall i got to Glasgow to see the show......................?

    Not sure yet!!!

    Many, many thanks for your good wishes.

    I had a fab time thank you and got a fab couple of pressies too..............

    a. a mini guitar mad eby - its awesome and a replica of Jimmy Page's TWIN NECK Gibson!!

    b. a bootleg (who said that!!) of Zeppelin O2 Arena show - awesome and shows that they can still kick ass.

    All I need now is for Zep to tour (I didnt get a ticket to O2) and for G to head to Scotland on tour this year!!

    See you in March Wolfie / Chip !!!!! :thumbup:

    Ah yes, the Living Room tour, I believe Grace was gonna be the Tour manager for that tour way back (to the bone)!!!! :lol:

    To see Funky george Nastos in town is a good sign for what G has said will be a PMO/ Feel style album!!!

    Cannae wait!!!

    Well, here we go.....

    1. Soul Sirkus - awesome!
    2. Crawler - the best british funky/ soul/ blues band ?
    3. Trapeze - the Hughes/ Galley/ Holland version
    4. Chevy - great Midlands based band from the early 80's
    5. Nutz - Live Cutz LP a classic!
    6. Blackfoot with Ricky Medlocke
    7. Deep Purple with Tommy Bolin - a drug free gig!
    8. Montrose playing their debut album!!

    OK.......I'm stuck in atime warp of the 1970's/ 80's...but I am happy!!

    Have a fbulous Christmas one and all!!

    many thanks you guys.

    Yes Lyn has put up with me for a year, so all looks good!! We ahd afew days away in Aberdeena dn Aviemore, which was great.

    We are now house hunting and saving up for when Wolfie and Chip arrive in Edinburgh in 2008 for a few guinesses!!!

    Hope to see JSS in Glasgow at the end of November.

    See ya all soon!!!

    Todd, I can see why I am amere golf club secretary and yourare a scribe, could nt have put your summary better myself.

    Roll on another tour and hopefully a new studio album. Having said that, Coem Sail away is one of THE best rock songs ever.

    Any one going to see REO Speedwagon?

    I saw em in the 80's and they are a damn fine ROCK BAND!!!!!

    Ah well, back to the links....

    The Grand Illusion is there best album followed by Pieces of Eight.

    Also try and get Brave New World and Cyclorama with have been released in the past few years they are also excellent.

    There is something about the band that is a. great fun, b. dont take themselves too seriously, c. have great songs, d. have a great attitude!

    It took them the best part of 30 years to tour here but twice in a couple of years is magical.

    I shall definitley be there when they tour again!! :thumbup:

    Hey Wolfie!!!

    Glad to see you have finally got a good taste in music!!!! :lol:

    I saw Lizzy/Styx/ Purple at SECC in Glasgow last week.............

    Lizzy White or Thin Snake were ok but whats the point of themtouring - desperate for money - no new material likely to arsie. having said that Marco mendoza is a fine bass player!!

    As for Styx - awesome as always. Saw them in Manchester a wee while back headlining and they are brilliant - great songs, great show, everything.

    Didnt bother with Purple at all!!

    Email me as I have a little something of Styx for you!!!

    Chris :thumbup:

    Well Grace, you know how it agent wanted afortune in fees and they said no!!!! :lol:

    Being the Manging Secretary I am a mere employee of the club and not the star, but everyone seems to want to know the Secretary!!!

    Hi One and All

    Now that things are settling down at work, time to look at whats happening in Hughesland.....................

    Glad to see the USA is getting soem gigs at long last, you guys have been most patient..................................

    But what about Scotland and the UK, looks like the Shepherds Bush date is going to be the only one, so having moved back to Scotland the chances of G playing here are getting even more remote!!

    Ah well, at least Styx are back again (great band live) and REO Speedwagon are here in June (another great band live) so guess myspending money will go on them rather than G......

    Ah well, back to