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    Best Live GH
    Well having not seen him since the 'Love & Homecoming Tour' I can't comment really (See later)

    Best Other Gig
    Uriah Heep at The Garage Glasgow Nov 2008 - they blew everyone away with a great mix of their new album and classic Heep. This band is very, very hungry!!!

    Queen + Paul Rodgers - great sound, great show, great songs, great voice, great recording !!!!!! :thumbup:

    Best New Release
    GH - FUNK - back to the good old funky days!!
    Uriah Heep - Wake The Sleeper - back to their very best!
    Quireboys - Homewreckers & Heartbreakers - great songs!

    Most Played In The Car
    All 3 of the above plus having my ipod on shuffle with 1600+ songs to choose from!!!

    Worst Gig
    Have nt had one this year, apart from NO GH SHOW IN THE NORTH YET AGAIN!!

    Now most of you know this is a bug bear of mine. C'mon papa, with the success of FUNK a FULL UK tour in June 2009 to coincide with the dates in the Midlands is essential. Being told to wait and see is wearing very thin!! Newcastle would be good if not in Glasgow or Edinburgh. You know it makes sense!

    Off to see the Quireboys tonight in Glasgow - have really got the bug again to see live bands. Skynyrd next year!!!

    Tours for 2009 Wish List
    Styx (awesome live band)
    Van Halen with DLR
    That Skynyrd bring Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet over for a pure suthern boogie night out!

    Went to see Queen + the Other Voice of Rock in Glasgow last night - what a show!!!! All the classic Queen tunes, some PR tunes - what an event, using the best of tecnhonolgy.

    PR was in great voice - Brian May a superb geetarist - and Roger T in fine form too.

    If you get the chance see We Will Rock You is touring the UK in November 2009 - January 2010 ...........................a must see! :)

    I saw Heep back in 1977 for the first time (a week after seeing Trapeze - minus Glenn with support from Nutz).

    I have seen them around 15 times since and they never disappoint!

    As for Thin Lizzy, or Lizzy White.............saw them with Purple and Styz last year and they were awful. Syskes is a great geetarist, but has tuned Lizzy into a heavymetal band, something they never were! :thumbup:

    I'm getting a little confused here.

    One minute Papa is saying FUNK etc is the way forward and he wants to concentrate on todays music..............then he plays dates concentrating on his Purple days.

    I wonder what the set list for the Rock & Blues Show will be and who the 'friends' are - any ideas Mr Iommi maybe?

    Glad John and Wolfy enjoyed the shows - leppard are a class act - I have seen em too many times to remember and each show has been good.

    It is a shame DC's voice has gone whilst Glenn's remains sooooo good.

    Been listening to Stormbringer recently and DC;'s voice is so deep and a great tone! Ah well, thats what you get when DC tries to metamorphisize (?) into Robert Plant!!!!

    Just a pity I had to work - a 3and :thumbup: 1/2 hour Committee meeting - aarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Arrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhh.............the legendary GHCP Axe Murder of old New York Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greeting Ma Funkster!!

    Unfortunately unable to attned any Papa shows due to work, although the Rock & Blues show MAY be a possiblility.

    As for teh new album, well you know, take it or leave it really, just that I have been grooving all the way to work and back and even in the office - you should see my moves!!!

    Full orchestra - nar - just a damn fine funky brass section with G would be quite unuique me thinks!

    Thats all!

    Off for another groove around the office before 144 of the best amateur lady golfers descend on the course!

    See you in the (first underground nuclear) kitchen - where all the best parties are held!!!:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Hi All

    Having played FUNK on and off for over a wweek now, I have to sya it is the best FUNK album since Feel IMHO!! Its Feels raw cousin and a 2nd cousin to Play Me Out and a mdoern day Trapzez You R The Music........Not too fussed about 'Satellite' but the funky numbers are superb!!!!

    Anyway, could you imagine PAPA playing with a good brass section doing nothing but funky style numbers from PMO/ FEEL/ FUNK/Trapeze?

    Has G every played live with a brass section?

    Worth a thought..........:thumbup:

    Accoridng to the Rock & Blues Show has been cancelled due to a licence not being granted. It would appear fears over the relatiation to a death of biker there last year is behind it all.

    Another Glenn show bites the dust!!


    You could also add..............

    MSG - with Cozy Powell on drums at Reading 81 or 82 (when Bonnet was sacked and Barden stepped in again!!)

    Lizzy White - that famous tribute act to Thin Lizzy with John Sykes (awful - I never thought Lizzy to be a metal band but on the last Purple tour they were pure heavy metal and awful).

    (And yes wolfie I agree STYX blew Purple off stage!!)

    Now there is a link.....RickyPhillips the Styx bass player played with Coverdale in Coverdale/ Page !!!!!!

    Thats my memory banks emptied me to get a Guinness to recover!! :bouncer:

    Ok, here is mine............

    Deep Purple - at the SECC in Galsgow on Jon Lord's farewell tour. They were ok, but nothing special.

    Whitesnake - too many times to rmember in the 1980's but Liverpool 78 with Magnum as support was very good! In fact, on the club tour to support the Snakebite EP they were due to play Colwyn Bay Pier, but pulled out as the stage wasnt big enough! Saw them a couple of years ago in Glasgow and it was nt good!!

    Rainbow - just the once at Deeside Leisure Centre in North Wales with Saxon as support.

    Glenn Hughes - From Now On, Feel (the best tour), Addiction, Love & Homecoming Tour, plus Legends of Rock.

    Gary Moore - with Ian Paice on drums and Don Airey on keys Reading Rock Festival, must have been 1980 or 1981. Also with IP on the Progressions of Power (?) tour with John Sloman on vocals.

    Gillan - At Monsters of Rock and Double Trouble Tour

    Bernie Torme - twice at the Pier as a solo artist - excellent shows!!

    Trapeze - just the once, minus Glenn, but with Pete Goalby on Vocals, Colwyn Bay Pier November 1977 with Nutz as support.

    Black Sabbath - with Gillan at Reading Festival 1980 0r 1981 - awful!!! Saw them with Ozzy on the 10th Anniverasry Tour when Van Halen were supposed to be the support, but by then they had left.

    Its amazing what you can remember when pushed!! :thumbup:

    It was an honor to meet the legendary Chip, Wolfie and family. We were going to meet up in Edinburgh but due to my work (Committee meetings!) they called in on the way up!

    It would have been good to chat for a few more hours (and a Guinness would have been nice too!!)

    These two gentlemen 'adopted' a huge part of my CD collection a few years ago. I know that they are being well cared for by these 2 GHCP's!!

    Glad the tour went well boys.

    I hope it is not too long before we meet again.

    Chris :thumbup: :clapper: :D