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    To one n all but specifically.......

    james gaden
    grace in NY
    david n shirean for a great site n a great laugh last week
    artemis 99

    n anyone else I have forgotten (sounds like an oscars speech - but I anit gonna cry !!!

    Have agreat tiem


    Following the undoubted success of Glenns a ppearance at LOR could this be the spring board for a full Uk tour next year to support his next solo release?

    It was certainly obvious at Edinburgh that the vast majority of the crowd where there to see Glenn n that his merchandise sold the most.

    Yep, I got the last Purple coloured one in Edinburgh. They also had a pack of 3 B+W pics from the 70's.

    Just wondered why such an old pic was chosen ?

    I was fortunate to be at the gig and agree with virtually all that john has written.

    Glenn was AWESOME both bass palying wise n his voice was the best I have ever heard. Whiter Shade of Pale was truely a spine tingling moment.

    I do feel, however, that Glenn was alittle out of place on the bill. A more Voices of Classic Rock type bill would have been better.

    Definitely he is the star of the show and everyone at Edinburgh was there to see him.

    Roll on next year when Glenn hopes to return. I shall be there (but not standing behind John !!!!!! :)

    Chris Spencer

    I saw John a coupla times with Heep plus with Gary Moore. His best work withoiut doiubt is Firing on all Six - one of my fave albums n funky in places too !!

    As for Charlie Huhn - I sawe him sing w/ Gary Moore at the Reading Festival in the early 80's - yes he was funny !!!

    I fully appreciate what you are saying David and will wait patiently for the record deal and the offical release of songs.

    You know how it is tho, depserate to get anything new with Glenn.

    Please feel free to remove my posting asking for a boot.

    Roll on Legends of Rock eh !!!


    Anyone have an idea of the format ?

    Is it an all star style band a la Voices of Classic Rock?

    Any idead of set list yet ?

    God I am an inpatient bugger are nt I !!! Roll on Edinburgh !!!

    Hello my freinds

    Can you help me out ?

    I have a new Motorola mobile phone which allows me to create my own ring tone.SO obviously I want a Glenn tune.

    Can anyone help me with notes for any Glenn song - solo , Purple, HTP, HT, anything !!!!



    Just had another thought - the line up change may mean Glenn n Yngwie widderlerdiddler playing Purple stuff together. Is this a good thing for Glenn ? Is the whole tour thinga good thing for him. Would love to hear his thoughts as to why he is doing it . I shallbe there but only for Glennn.

    Wow - I hope it does happen,altho the rest of the bill does leave me a little cold. I do hope Schenker recreates the riff from the live version of Rock bottom - awesome !!!

    Plus good to see a Scottish date !!!

    In too would like to see a non rock association......

    How about with Anastacia - what a voice, funky n damn sexy too !!

    Suppose will just have to be patient n wait for Hughes Thrall 2 !!!

    Has anyone seen this advertised for sale on the net yet ?

    Cant wait for the UK version and my search for an 'unofficial'version has proved far !!!

    Well, back in the late 1970's I had a freind in a band. he raved about Glenn s bass playing and so I went and got Made In Europe - and bang - what a bass player and singer too !!! You only have to hear the funky bass lines in Burn and You fool no one. Later I picked up You are the music and was completely hooked.

    If I ever need to get in the mood for a night out i still put on Burn and YFNO, crank up the volume and pretend to be Glenn - it works wonders.

    Now I am a complete Glenn addict with all his legit stuff and 99% of the bootleg stuff. I cant get enough of the funkmeister !!!!