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    I too went to HRH purely for Glenn and Living Colour... as Wolfy states LC were a huge disappointment and perhaps a good job Glenn didn't play the tour with them.

    Highlight was Bernie Marsden who showed all young 6 string gun slingers how to play... and Praying Mantis from Thursday night.

    Great to meet Mr Smith after all these years... we last met in North Berwick in 2008!

    Saw JB at The Usher Hll last night. What a show!

    Using the same/ similar lighting rig (I think) as BCC he was in fine form with the banter between him and the band very evident. They were having fun! he did a first class version of Song of Yesterday too.

    Tal Bergman, the drummer, is something else! All delicate touches and fills, but boy he can given them a damn good battering a la Mr Bonham!

    if you get the chance to see him live do so. This was one of the best gigs I have been to! Perhaps, having front row seats might have something to do with it - a perfect view of a guitar masterclass! Roll on BCC3!!!

    Wonder if this will form the basis of his set list for the joint tour with Fish?

    Talking of 'Fish' he lives in the same town as me and enjoys a curry at the same local curry house. Knowing Glenn liked a curry with Ronnie James Dio, I wonder if G might pay Haddington's finest with a visit! :)

    Perhaps need to explain my self a little more here. I have been a huge fan of Glenn's since I first heard his bass playing on DP's Made in Europe and have bought everything he has released since.

    I was fortunate to see JB at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on his last solo tour and he was immense and easily one of the top 10 gigs I have ever been to. He makes the guitar sing like no other. I just have a feeling JB will leave as playing out n out classic heavy rock isnt him, except every so often. The songs he has brought to BCC are classics!

    As for the O2, I saw UFO/ Quireboys there a few years ago and The Cult earlier this year and the sound was good. At BCC it wasnt. We were stood on the raised area by the mixing desk on DS's side of the stage amd could nt hear him or G' sbass. Having said that, watched the youtube clips and listening to my recording (naughty i know!!), the sound is very, very good and you can hear everything inc DS's keys! Is it my hearing?

    The show was good but not exceptional. I would see them again no doubt.

    As for MS, a classic hits set and he played the intro to Rockbottom perfectly. if that doesn t make you want to break out the flying V air geetar nothing will! New songs were in the classic rock vein but would find a whole evening of this a little boring maybe.

    On a run of good gigs at the moment and having seen Iron Maiden (in Newcastle) they provided far better value in money terms. They were very very good and can't think why I have nt seen them for 20 odd years.

    The Journey/ Foreigner/ Styx bill was excellent value for money even if Styx and Foreigner did blow Journey off stage!

    Got Mr Big and Alice Cooper also to come this year.

    Well folks, Friday night arrived with some anticipation!

    A queue to get in and ready for Michael Schenker. A good set of MSG old and new, Scorpions and UFO -his note perfect intro to Rockbottom from Strangers in the Night was a highlight. Band were fine and had ex Scorpions tub thumper Hermann Rarebell on drums. Theywere joined by Pete Way (UFO) for a couple of numbers and Chris Glen (ex SAHB and MSG).

    As for BCC, venue pretty much full downstairs (did nt see upstairs) and very warm. Sound varied during the night with Glenn's bass almost unhearable most of the night. G's voice was spot on as always with few of the vocal gymnastics of his solo gigs. A 'band' performance by G and the rock star postures a good foil for Joe Bonamassa who was a little further back on the stage, possibly due to the huge monitor desk on the side of the stage.

    Joe is the real deal and on songs like Hadrians Wall and the awesome Song For Yesterday he can make the guitar sing like no other guitarist I have seen.

    Jason B was solid and gave the tubs a good bash as well as providing some good backing vocals.

    Derek S is no showman and seemed quite withdrawn with little emotion. His keyboard solo was not necessary and killed the atmosphere (IMHO).

    Overall a good gig, pity about the sound. When i saw Joe B at the Royal Concert Hall on his last tour the sound was crystal clear and you could hear all of the instruments. Perhaps being a bit picky here.

    Would I see them again - yes! But not sure if the band will have a long term future. Just a feeling I have.