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    I've read all Dan Brown's books and enjoyed each of them but was dissapointed by the Da Vinci code movie.
    I grew up reading Terry Prattchet and my favourite is Good Omens! I have to say that I'm a sucker for the Lord of the rings trilogy aswell.
    Horror wise Dean Koontz and Anne Rice's first three Vampire Chronicles.
    I wish I had time to read now but my 7 month old prefers slightly less advanced subject matter.
    Oh well off to the material books I go!!!!

    I love Lord of the Rings too. I have all the trilogy on movies. I only have one book which is The Fellowship Of The Ring. I am also a big Harry Potter fan and have all the books and movies:) ;) :D :D :cool: :cool: .


    What books do you like to read and which author do you most admire ?. At the moment, I'm a big fan of Dan Brown and I'm reading The Da Vinci Code. I have his
    other books too, which are Deception Point, Digital Fortress and Angels And Demon, but I
    have those to read yet.

    I also admire Stephen King. I love his style and the way his novels are made into movies.
    Examples include The Shining and The Green Mile. Classics :) :D :cool:


    I also love the reality TV shows Bratcamp, Bad Lads Army and Me and My Dog. Also love programmes about forensic science, medical stories, history and crime :) :cool: :D

    Aishah Bowron

    I know this is not a Glenn Hughes-related question. I like to ask some general questions apart from music as well. What kind of TV programmes do you like watching most ?. I like watching documentaries on
    National Geographic Channel such as Seconds From Disaster and Air Crash Investigation. I
    also like quiz shows like The Weakest Link and some reality TV shows such as Airport and The
    Aishah Bowron

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    Don`t be fooled for a minute. I remember the reviews Coverdale`s last album got and it seemed the Press were raving over it. I bought it and thought it was one of the worst thing`s he`s ever done. If that had sold any copies at all do you think he`d be touring under the Whitesnake banner ? As far as I`m concerned, there are two Whitesnake`s, the original featuring Marsden, Moody, Lord, Paice, Murray and the U.S. version of the band that put the nail in the coffin of a great British band.
    I mean, Vandenberg, Vai, in Whitesnake ?
    Nah, sorry, not for me.
    Still think old Cov has got a great voice, but can`t remember the last time he used it on a decent song .......

    I have to agree with you, the original line-ups of Moody/Marsden/Murray/Lord/Paice are much better than the post 1987 versions of the band and the current band. Today if I had to choose between David Coverdale's or Glenn Hughes' music, I'd go for Glenn Hughes. Sorry, but DC's "Into The Light" album was a disappointment in my opinion. I mean David is a good singer with a great voice, but I don't like the musical direction that he went towards after "Slide It In".


    Is there any Prince fans out there. I am also a fan of Prince and I have 2 of his albums on CDs. They are called Musicology and 3121. I also like a lot of his old stuff too. What is your favourite Prince albums