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    Interesting stuff about the multiple relapses in the 1990's. I had always thought that the "Addiction" album was a final letter addressing the past, but the book shows that he wasn't done yet, even then. Amazing, and fortunate, that he's still with us.

    Not enough info on some GREAT solo albums for my taste. I wanted to learn a little bit more about Music For the Divine, Building the Machine, and Addiction. And JJ Marsh deserved some words . . .

    I've liked all of Glenn's recent albums, but I think he sometimes hasn't picked the strongest songs as the lead singles. This was certainly the case with the last two albums. Not this time. "Love Communion" is fantastic.

    Australian MFTD arrived this week. It was more than worth it to hear the cover of Misty Mountain Hop. It goes without saying that Glenn sings the hell out of the song, but I also like Jerry Cantrell's approach and use of wah-wah. Frankly, the song is so good that it should have been used on all editions of the album.

    Some favorites:

    The Curse
    I Don't Want To Live That Way Anymore
    Coast To Coast (from Burning Japan)
    Sister Midnight
    Beyond the Numb
    This Time Around

    In general, I like Glenn's funky side better than the rock-screamer side. However, when he puts the funky voice in the rock music: magic! :bow:

    - RS