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    Many Many thanks guys for the wishes and kind words,I'm most humbled :thumbup:

    Special thanks to're a star!:bow:

    And Achim and Inma I'm back on track...I'm out of my cave!!!! its bright but my eyes are getting used to it...loooooooooooooola :claphands

    I'm gonna have to increase that posting count.

    Thanks again :D

    Pete S.

    Full name: Peter Stanford.
    Date of birth: 17.9.63
    Hometown: Walney Island,England.
    Star sign: Virgo
    Heritage:Enlish,Irish and Russian
    Occupation: Formulator
    You would describe yourself as: Neither hot or Cold..maybe lukewarm.
    Favorite authors: Tolkien and Patrick Robinson.
    Favorite films: LOTR,Downfall,This is Spinal Tap and Tommy.
    Favorite actor/actress: Robert Carlyle and Dervla Kirwan.
    Favorite soundtracks: Three of the above.
    Favorite episode of The Simpsons: Dunno.
    Favorite sports teams: Liverpool FC and Stockport County FC
    How many languages can you speak? Still trying to master English!
    What turns you on? Singing infront of an audience.
    What turns you off? Bad Hangovers
    First gig you ever went to: Silverwing....that long ago it was in black and white!

    Next gig you’ll go to:GH tour.
    Most embarrassing moment: Walking into a microphone at a gig
    Your biggest pet peeve: Running out of Coffee
    The one human trait you most abhor: Betrayal
    The one place you would like to visit: USA
    Which period in history would you like to have lived in – and why?: Medieval England

    What do you consider taboo?:Elvis is still alive
    Tell us one kooky thing about yourself: Forgotten what it means..loooooool
    Tell us another kooky thing about yourself: Can't remember.
    World’s sexiest man: Achim Schreiner.....(now we're even, looool )
    World’s sexiest woman: Victoria Beckham
    Your idea of luxury is...Living in Monaco
    What would they give you a lifetime achievement award for: Keeping calm in a crisis

    Where do you think Bin Laden is hiding? Greenland
    What makes you happiest? A hug from a loved one.
    Last time you cried: 2 months ago..a scene in "War of The Worlds"
    Motto: Never ever give up.

    For me the HTP1 album was an electric performance by Glenn and Joe.
    Two vocallists" bouncing off" each others vocal line.
    SITKOR was outstanding because the vocals were "dry" effects(correct me if i'm wrong) which is something that only great singers can/would do.
    But getting to the question i would go with the cd"The Way It Is" which is pure vocal heaven.


    Pete S.:singer:

    Thanks guys:bow: hey great tracks Achim,fantastic performance.Shirean....well hopefully i'll i will be going to Germany next year to visit Achim and i'm sure we'll get some stuff together which'll be a fantastic experience.I'll have to learn a little German though....y'know the basics to get through my stay like...."two pints of lager please" :confused: maybe sing some lines in German too:eek:


    Pete S.:thanx:

    Hi Achy,
    The man has done it know what i've said about your talents mate:claphands

    Great job....and fantastic solo's....and hey!!!!Jon Lord playing on the track also...nice touch mate.

    Knowing Achim he did all of this while waiting for the kettle to boil......the guy is a songwriting machine that does'nt stop.

    Keep on doing it mate :thumbup:


    Pete S.

    Nice one Chris,
    I really enjoyed the sample which in itself was seamless.Good voice,keyboards and drums.The track with the backing vocals had a great harmony.
    Well done Chris :claphands :singer:


    Pete S.

    Thanks for you comments ....yep it's great to be back...yep we had a great time and the track, In The Sky, is now in the Keepin' Time forum.


    Pete S. :thumbup:

    Well here is the song Achim and myself completed here in the UK .....we started by laying down drum wave files and adding guitar...and that was it...the song started to grow.The partnership was amazing....we just "clicked".

    Achim did a fantastic job writing the song and playing the guitar, bass and vocals. My contribution was vocals and drum arrangement.

    The song was recorded on the PC in my bedroom......the drums were wavefiles (could'nt fit a drum room ;) ).

    I must say that it was an amazing experience recording with such a talented guy...cheers mate!:bow:

    Hey guys and girls hows everyone doing? It's been a while since i last posted but things are gettin' back on track.
    Achim aka Schreinermusic is visiting here in England from Germany on Tuesday for a few days and we'll probably get some tracks down so hopefully we'll post on Keepin' Time soon.


    Pete S.:singer: