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    I always get Journey and Foreigner mixed up!!!! must be my age :( .....yep looks like a tasty gig!!!

    In the loft I have a Styx vinyl....laser etched art from part of the album!! I think its called "Hotel Paradise"...could be wrong tho.

    Pete :singer:

    Same the album.
    I too was a little shocked considering it was voted the best song in a period of ten is a good commercial track though.

    I watched a documentary which followed them before they "made it big"...just normal band playing small clubs etc.There's quite a funny bit when they hired a van for their gig only to fuel it up with diesel instead of petrol!!!!! :lol:...with time running out they had to phone around to get another van and eventually managed to get a small one from a friend.Too small.... some of the band had to travel to the gig with the film crew.
    They're not Spinal Tap or Bad News.


    Pete :thumbup:

    ps Happy New Year ;)

    Congrats to both Marie and Martin....that's fantastic news :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

    I'll raise a rakia to that.....:D

    Dani will raise a glass of wine :clapper:

    and Gabi will raise a cup of milk...and prob. spill it all over the carpet!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    all the very best from us all
    x oxoxoxox o.

    Hi Guys,

    It took me three attempts to log in.....nearly forgot my password :huh:

    Anyway....had a great birthday :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: especially as it was the first one with Gabi.
    Thank you for the fantastic comments my friends....and I will participate more..... i will....;)

    Thank you again :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:......and taketh care.


    Yes at the moment I have Dani looking over my shoulder ;) ;) ;)
    .........yep its amazing!!! and I believe the cat went out of the bag.....Wolfy its true!!!!!teee heee...distant bells ;) :champers: :bridegroom: ....

    Yep,I am finally in England at Pete's house:bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:
    It's great to be with my Loving Pete and with his amazing Mother:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    Everything is so beautiful here:) I feel like in home:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    And yes,very soon.......distant bells;) :champers: :bridegroom:

    Cheers:) :) :)

    PETE and DANI

    Yep flying out to Bulgaria on Friday for the gig....really looking forward to it...the last one there in Kavarna was amazing...and many many thanks to Glenn,Carl and Colin....I'm still in a dream...:bow: ......and I'll be with my Princess Dani again...bliss :) :)


    Pete ;)

    Hey Brother Achim......

    :birthday3 :guitarist :birthday: :guitarist :birthday2 :guitarist :birthday: :guitarist :champers: :guitarist :cheers: :guitarist

    Have a Brilliant one mate...and hey...take a day off from songwriting yeah? loooooooooooooolllllaaaaaaaaaaa

    oh yeah...:guitarist

    Catch You Soon...


    Hey Guys...
    Sorry for taking a while but many,many thanks to Dani,Todd,Paul,Inma,Graham,Frank,Chris,Nathalie,Grace and last but not least Achim....for your very kind comments...they keep us going!!!!! :thumbup: :bow: :bow:

    Hey did the Rock!!!!! :bow:

    Thankyou again:claphands


    Pete S. (very humbled)


    Hi all....some of you will probably know that myself and Roger have been doing some jamming across the big pond....through email ;)....I had visions of him waiting an hour for it to download...he has'nt the fastest internet speed just yet.

    Roger track...tee heee...(it has'nt a title)....was a singers dream and also shows his fantastic talent as a guitarist and bass player too....all I had to do was add vocals.

    Soooo here's a taste of what we've done.....


    Pete S.;)