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    Hi Fedor - how's things?

    "See the full list on"

    Ah!!!! On the forum!!!!! Doh!

    I was waiting for the full list anyway, in case of a new date or dates closer to me than Northants.... But there ain't.

    Hope we'll see you at some of the shows? (Tho £ means I'll probably only be at Northants....)



    Ayup! Bin in Africa on me honeymoon so haven't been around (even more so than usual)!

    First I knew was a fonecall from Northampton Roadmender yesterday pm.

    They refunded my credit card even tho they expect it to be rescheduled soon because they expect the 'new' gig to be cheaper....

    Hope you're all well




    Yep I got it from Tesco too Shirl - exactly the same slightly late, but once dispatched quick service!!!

    I quite like the effect of the dark/grainy shots & the high contrast close up stuff....

    But the syncing is AWFUL in several places!!!

    Great performance, sound & packaging - think I'll be plying it mostly as audio tho...! A shame, but far better than nowt!

    Only other thing is, if I didn't know from reading this board that this is a problem with all copies, I'd be sending it back for an exchange for another copy in the hope it was just a rogue dodgy one....



    Hi all! Bin a long time - again. Hope you's all well - I am!!!

    Great news! Probably Northampton for me now I'm in Oxford. Depending on money, may arrange to be oop north fer Bradford.

    And of course if me ship comes in, London & Dudley're not too far away.... Oh, and Notts!

    Soooo glad he's doing Edinburgh for our Scottish
    contingent, tho of course Scotland's so big it's still a bit of a trek for many up there!

    love to all


    Great stuff David!

    Sorry I missdya last nite & everybody else (except Shirl & assorted offspring)!!!!

    Sorry I didn't say ta-ra Shirl, but Craig needed to get away & I couldn't see you!!!!




    Ta ever so Shirean!!! I didn't get the message til now (after the gig - which was good btw, though as you may remember I'm not a BIG HTP fan & much prefer G alone!!!!).

    I saw Shirl before they came on & she said David should be around, but neither us had managed to spot him. (Backstage maybe?)

    Had to run off straight after the gig as the driver (my mate Craig) wanted to get home - work tomorrow! Didn't even get to say 'Ta-ra! to Shirl coz I couldn't spot her as we left....

    Ah well, next time. I'm gonna TRY to pop in more often, as I do miss you peeps. Unfortunately I have more people 'looking over my shoulder' at work than I used to & am busier there too.

    And I tend to be pretty busy outside work now!!! I spend a lot of time travelling the 200 miles to & from Oxford, where my 'wife-to-be' lives, plus 'Daddy duty' & working on a web-based campaign to protect prehistoric monuments in the UK & Ireland.... (No really!)

    Good to see all of you still here though!!! I really MUST make more of an effort!!!!

    Til soon(ish) then, take care all!!!



    Hi peeps

    Long time no 'see'!!!! Just finally found the time (probly too late really!) to pop in to see who's going to Rio tonite.

    Hope nobody minds me starting a new topic, but I had a bit of a poke around the threads & couldn't find anything that looked likely to tell me!

    I know Shirl is, but who else?


    (The ghost of) TC

    Hi guys
    Rio's is within half an hour's walk of the city centre & there are a coupla pubs on the way. Wish I could recommend B&Bs but have not heard anything about any.



    Just occurred to me that people might not know that there's usually a rock nite at Rio's on Fridays after the gig.

    Certainly until relatively recently you could stay if you'd been at the gig without having to pay for the rock nite.

    Dunno what effect that will have on any possible meet & greet but could be a laff if a few of us stay!!



    From a selfish point of view I just want to hear plenty of solo stuff, esp from 'Feel', 'TWII', 'ROCK', 'BTM' and 'SITKOR'.

    Personally, much as I love it, I've heard the Purple & Trapeze stuff enough for a little while yet and want Glenn to do his own stuff justice.

    In the real(ish) world I could (and will have to) live with a few Purps numbers (inc Burn) and maybe a Trapeze or 2.

    Just looking forward to it!!!!!