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    No, it's not

    I remember:

    The Valiant Denial
    Monkey Man
    You've Got Soul
    from there on I'm not sure.

    Spoke to some-one (met him at Arrow with WhiteSnake and now in Verviers) who had the complete setlist (paper from the stage) and he would fax it to me. Haven't received it yet.

    Here one of the photos my son took. Others will follow.


    It was a hot night, really hot, but Glenn won over some new fans.
    I went to the gig with my son, a collegea and two friends.
    My son had already seen Glenn on a few occassions, but the others were new to Glenn (one of them is a huge RHCP fan). After the show they were stunned, floored by the incredible groove of the show.

    The show started with The Valiant Denial. A perfect opener for the show, followed by Monkey Man and You've Got Soul.
    Other songs Glenn played where
    Don't let me Bleed (superb version)
    Land Of The Living
    Black Light
    Nights In White Satin
    A Whiter Shade Of Pale
    And as an encore
    Steppin' On

    Glenn did a lot of talking with the audience. He lost his bags at the airport and had to buy new stageclothes.
    Talked about Black Light which was the story about Phil Spector killing one of Glenn's friends.
    Told us about the new Hughes Thrall cd (can't wait to get the re-release of the first one).
    At the moment I'm at my office, later on I'll check out the photos my son took at the event.

    All in all we had great time tomorrow Glenn at Bospop.

    One more night to go and then I'll see Glenn at Spirit:bow:
    Nice place, where artists always come to their fans afterwards.

    Hope Glenn will do it also.

    Met a few months ago Kerry Livgren (ex-Kansas) after a great show and before that Steve Lukather (Toto).

    And two days later Glenn at Bospop.

    My son will take a lot of pictures and some small movies (if possible).
    He made also several photos from Glenn's concert at Arrow last year.

    So this year I already saw Deep Purple and WhiteSnake.
    And probably in September Blackmore :singer:

    Great :bouncer:

    So I'm going to see Glenn twice.
    First in Verviers and a few days later at Bospop!

    Just like last year when I saw him at Arrow Rock festival and at De Boerderij.

    I think Bospop can be compared to Arrow where Glenn will play a mostly best of (DP) collection. And Verviers to Zoetermeer where he can play what ever he likes.

    In Verviers (been there several times) the musicians come to the bar afterwards to hang out with the fans. Always very cool.
    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

    Tommy Bolin was a great guitarplayer. :claphands
    I just got hold of a lot of his demos including some lost tracks from the Billy Cobham's Spectrum album. These songs show that he was a brilliant guitarplayer.

    DP mark IV should've been called The Purple Gang or something like that. It was a mistake to continue under the Deep Purple banner.
    The music started to change a lot from the original sound. The major change started on Stormbringer, Blackmore's reason to leave.

    I still rate Come Taste The Band as one of Purple's best albums. And knowing a lot of Tommy's stuff, I believe that with an other name they would have become huge.
    Unfortunately it didn't go that way.:confused:

    During the Arrow Festival I saw Styx too. Unfortunately I missed the beginning because Glenn was at the other stage.

    I'm a STYX fan since the mid 70's. They released some great albums (Equinox - Crystal Ball - The Grand Illusion - Pieces Of Eight). But during the 80's/90's they lost their excitement. The last couple of cd's are so so. Their live performance however was great.

    :bow: :claphands :bouncer:

    Together with two sons (14+19) I went to the Arrow festival.

    Main reason to go was to see Glenn, Kansas and Styx.

    My sons still talk about Glenn's performance (vocals and bass).
    We stood the whole concert front row and my eldest son was waving with a light blue Play Me Out t-shirt

    I've seen better shows by Glenn, but wasn't disapponted at all.
    Without doubt you could see how much fun they had on stage.
    There were some difficulties (guitar and last 2 songs too loud) but still great to see Glenn rock and funk.

    :claphands :claphands :claphands

    I'm a fan since the early seventies.
    I like songs that are streched till forever, but I think that some songs could've been a bit shorter at this festival.
    So some other songs could've been played (for instance Can't stop the flood and First Step Of Love).

    A lot of fans could've been won.

    For personnal reasons I was unable to go to Zoetermeer....

    But I hope Glenn will soon return to Holland.

    Thanx for a great day