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    Hi Willem,

    what I told is what Glenn told me backstage after the show in Verviers.
    He explicitly said there was next year only a concert in Amsterdam, he loves coming to Verviers (so do I) but there was no chance for a show in Belgium.

    I hope plans have changed and that he will return for some solo shows AND a BCC tour.


    I prefer a proper GH / BCC concert.
    At a festival they mostly have limited time to play and often chance the setlist to a more festival-friendly one.

    I love it when bands play in small clubs. The atmosphere is different, more personal, and you often have a chance to meet and greet.
    In the last 4 years I've seen Glenn 4 times at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers, always a great place to be.
    Sadly (but understandable) BCC will play at bigger venues.

    So in Amsterdam he will play at a bigger venue as the Spirit.
    Hope that we get a chance to meet the band, because I'll definitely be there.

    I spoke to Glenn after the show in Verviers and as far as I remember correctly he told me that there weren't anymore dates in Belgium / Holland. But a tour in South America was in the works.
    The next time he will be in Europe will be in spring 2011 and that's going to be a BCC concert in Amsterdam.

    I thought those diaries were fun to watch.
    A great idea.

    In the final (no. 7) you can see t-shirt that my son made (round 4:30).
    And I'm in it. The print and picture were made by him.
    My son gave one to Glenn also.

    After this show we were invited backstage.

    I read on the internet that Chad Smith is probably going to be replaced in Chickenfoot.
    It seems he's too busy with the RHCP.
    Chickenfoot are going to record a follow-up and may need a new drummer.
    Considered are Tommy Lee and Jason Bonham!!!

    Verviers is a great place to be.
    It will be the fourth time Glenn is playing there since 2006.
    Several artists play there regularly. Most of them come to the bar after the show.
    The distance between bar and stage is aprox. 20 meters and there can only be 300 to 400 people present.
    I guess the clubs' owner is a real fan of good music. Sometimes there are only a handful people and we often wonder how he can keep that club going.

    Hope Glenn will take some time to talk to his fans.

    I'm going to the gig in Verviers, the fourth there.

    The first 2 times (2006) we had time to chat and have some things signed, the last time (2008) he tried to sneak out the backdoor. My son handed him a selfmade t-shirt, a picture of Glenn and the date and place of that gig. When he drove away and saw us with the same t-shirts he waved to us.
    Only 3 of those shirts exsist, a lot of people asked us where they could buy it. Unfortunately nowhere.
    Would like to know if Glenn remembers that shirt and what he thinks about fans who make such things.

    Hope Glenn has some time to have a chat.

    Today I stumbled on those 2 tracks, "Changes In Love" and "Out On The Road".
    They were credited to Glenn Hughes and Tommy Bolin, but don't think it's true.

    The first one sounds like an outtake of Play Me Out and the second one I seem to recall, but can't place it.

    Does anyone know more about them?

    I don't buy any mags these days.

    Their reviews are so stupid. Most of the time they don't get what an artist tries to achieve with a record. If it's the same as the previous one they accuse the artist of copying himself. And if it's completely different they say he should have stayed true to his previous one.

    And now the internet is a solution. I download certain albums and if i like them I'll buy them. And if I don't, I throw it away.
    In the past I bought thousands of lps and cds, and there are a lot that got good critics but I didn't like them. Now I can judge myself and only buy cds that are worth to buy.

    Just a few more days and I'll be seeing you for the 3rd time in Verviers.

    I would love to hear It's About Time from Play Me Out.

    My son is making special t-shirts for this event.

    I have the original lp with booklet and an ep.
    This one is far superior to the second one.

    No bad tracks. Most favorite one is the Hughes/Thrall composition 'Still The Night', which also appears on John Norum 'Face The Truth' and will appear on the Hughes Thrall re-issue of their first (and so far only) record.

    Spoke to Glenn about this in 1982 (!).
    He then told me that he co-wrote 7 or 8 of the tracks.
    Due to an old publishing deal he wasn't allowed the get the credits for it.

    As already told in an other topic:

    From a reliable source I've heard that the last few dates where cancelled due to an irrisponsible agent for not getting contracts signed and promo started with enough leeway.

    I've seen Glenn and JJ several times, twice this year. And in 3 weeks I'm going to see Glenn again.
    I think it's a shame JJ's gone, but I know Glenn comes up with a great new band.
    I always wondered why JJ had to make room for Navarro and Frusciante. When they made the video for Soulmover, JJ could easily be in it.
    Soulmover was their peak. M4TD, was great but not as Soulmover, I thought JJ's part was much smaller.
    I've got the feeling that this band is temporarely. Because after the tour Glenn will hook up with Pat Thrall.
    So maybe JJ left because Glenn had some other things lined-up that didn't include him.

    What ever the reason(s), I look confident in the future.

    Yes I will see Glenn at least once during his upcoming European tour.
    The 2nd Of November in Limbourg.

    Saw him this year already in Verviers and at Bospop. And maybe I can catch his concert at Helmond at the 3rd also.


    I just read that the classic rock concert with orchestra in Holland is postponed for at least six months.

    It seems the orchestra needed more time to learn all the classic songs.

    Sad to hear.