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    The best plan: stick together and go straight onto the stages, and then nothing could went wrong.

    Guess this is only wishful thinking.
    If BCC will carry on it will be without Joe.

    I can understand that Joe wants to carry on with his solo career.
    It's more successful and I guess it's also more fullfilling.
    BCC was just a project for him.
    For Glenn BCC was an opportunity to get back on the top.

    It's a shame that before the release of Afterglow everything falls apart.

    I guess it was wrong that Glenn tweeted about BCC's last album, Joe not up for it etc.
    Wait for the release and see what will happen after that.
    Now you get mudslinging in the press and that's not a good way to end such a great band.

    I would love to see BCC carry on with someone else.
    Joe wasn't my favourite.
    BCC's most important member was Glenn, he wrote the majority of the tracks.

    When BCC will carry on, they will lose a lot of fan's (Joe's) and will have to find other investers.

    From all those 'famous' singers of the (early) 70s Glenn is the only, as far as I know, that still has that rich and poweful voice.

    I think David won't go on tour with Glenn for 2 reasons:

    1. Whitesnake is a household name
    He will make more money with a Whitesnake tour than a Glenn and David tour.

    2. How good David is, Glenn will overshadow him on stage.
    David has lost a lot of range.
    He will look bad in comparison to Glenn

    He is always dismissive about these projects. I never heard a word from him about Voodoo Hill. I'd love to hear what he thinks about that albums, especially Wild Seed of Mother Earth.

    I preferred the first one.
    Wild Seed was a bit too dark.

    I think the first two of The Cage (Dario Mollo and Tony Martin) were great too.
    Didn't care much for their last one

    Most underrated at the time of release was CTTB
    Although I was a fan for years I loved it from day one.
    It's up with In Rock, Machine Head and Burn.

    Also deeply underrated is Who Do We Think We are, but I think it's great.

    The ones I don't like very much are Slaves And Masters and The Battle Rages On

    Your comparison between classical music and modern classic music falls a bit short.
    Classic music (Bach, Beethoven and so on) wasn't performed by a band.
    They didn't go on tour, the music wasn't played on radio, you couldn't buy their music.
    When nowadays a band plays an evening with Deep Purple songs, they are called a tribute-act.
    When the Royal Philharmonic plays an evening of music written by Bach, I guess you won't call them a tribute act.

    I agree listening to a band playing your favourite songs is fun.
    For instance a couple of weeks back I went to see Demon's Eye with Doogie White.
    They are what people would call a tribute-act, although they recorded an album of their own.
    Their show was filled with Purple / Rainbow and some of their own songs.
    They sounded more like DP (mark II and III) than DP sounds themselves today.
    Even Ian Paice and Jon Lord played with DE, still it's never the real deal.

    The magic of Deep Purple (mark II and III) was the chemistry between the members at that time.
    It will never be recaptured.

    I prefer Glenn doing his own stuff and throw in a couple of old memories for the good old days.
    If he wants to celebrate Burn, Stormbringer or whatsoever he must do it.
    I will certainly buy it and I will also go to see him.

    I think you should allow him and the other remaining members the exception for 'Burn', 'Stormbringer' and 'Come Taste The Band', as far as looking back... afterall, they certainly made their mark on the DP legacy and each of their release anniversaries are fast approaching :eek:


    I'm a DP fan since the early seventies.
    Glenn and David brought DP to new heights.

    CTTB is, was and will always be one of my favourite albums.
    One that aged very well.

    But i think it doesn't feel right that the "new" guys celebrate Burn if the original members don't do anything.

    How great Maybe I'm a Leo and Highway Star are with Glenn I have mixed feelings him performing on this one.
    I don't like those tribute albums and I think Glenn performed on too many of them.

    I don't believe much will happen next year celebrating the 40th anniversary of Burn.

    1. Machine Head was much more groundbreaking / important
    When I see how MH was celebrated....
    With a terrible tribute album, containing songs that were already recorded in the past, a demo, a live recording and a few new recordings.
    And with an all time low with the Flaming Lips covering Smoke On The Water. The best known song, butchered.
    Not a way to celebrate such an album.
    Wonder who was responsible for this?
    2. Blackmore wouldn't be interested
    3. Jon Lord is no longer among us
    4. Ian Paice will not leave current Deep Purple, they will release a new album and will start a new world tour.
    5. And David and Glenn celebrating Burn with none of the original members isn't right. It will leave a bad taste.

    It's better that Glenn and David will do something together, a guest appearance or a duet on Glenn's or David's new album.

    As David (our David) said several times before, Glenn is not looking back....
    So celebrating Burn and working with David C. is looking back.

    Damn Glenn tell us what you are up to next :D

    Although John Norum would be a great replacement, in the end Glenn would get in the same situation when Europe goes back on the road (or in the studio).

    If Joe is going to be replaced, it has to be with someone who has no commitments with other bands.

    I think there are enough guitarists out there that could fill in.
    But will J&R Adventures still be interested in BCC?
    I guess maybe with another well known guitarist.
    Just like Blackmore left DP and they had to find a proper replacement to go to Japan. They went on tour with Satriani.

    I'm not interested in Kings of Chaos.
    Even if they record some new tracks.
    Going on tour not knowing who'll be present isn't wise to do and most of the time they are a just cover band.

    Still wonder what Glenn was tweeting about some time ago - a new brotherhood?

    I heard it once and I have to agree with David and Wolfysmith.

    Overall I think it's a huge disappointment.
    To honour such a great album it deserved better performances.

    Flaming Lips terrible
    Chickenfoot good version, but it was recorded live years ago.
    Maiden was a demo track recorded years ago.
    Santana was from a album released some time ago.
    And so on...
    So not much specially recorded for this album.

    Than my main complaint:
    Where is the organ????
    Machine Head was not only Blackmore on guitar. The organ was also a big part of the sound. And losing Jon just a few months ago, he deserved some kind of tribute on this one.

    A real shame.

    I have to vehemently disagree with you about Joe though. I've seen him live 8 times now and he is spectacular! He is also a damned good songwriter in his own right and certainly played a big role on both albums. He has two songs on BCC 2, Hadrian's Wall and Ordinary Son so I don't see that either.

    I saw BCC twice and I saw Joe only on a couple of dvds.

    IMHO I think Joe is feeling better at place during his solo tours.
    That music suits him better.
    The best part of Joe during the BCC shows was when he played the Ballad Of John Henry.
    Glenn shines during his solo shows, but also with BCC.
    Joe however was mostly remembered by changing guitars all the time.
    His guitarwork for me wasn't that remarkable, only during John Henry.

    But each his own.

    As I said yesterday, I have a gut feeling he'll be doing something with at least one member of BCC, if not more than one. Who else will be involved? Your guess is as good as mine ;)

    It's quite simple.
    Replace Joe with an other guitarplayer.
    I always thought that Joe didn't fit in.
    On the first one he shared some vocals with Glenn and had his own track. But on the second one he was mainly the guitarplayer.
    And to me his guitarwork isn't that spectacular.

    It's obvious that Joe's solo career gets his first attention.
    Very understandable, but if BCC wants to go to a higher level they have to tour more and that's impossible with Joe.

    Don't know if you've seen this.
    It's a documentary about Tommy Bolin.
    Glenn is in it also

    part 1

    part 2
    part 3
    part 4

    TOMMY BOLIN Gets Box-Set Treatment - July 24, 2012

    Rock guitar legend Tommy Bolin will be honored with a box set release of his lauded solo release "The Definitive Teaser" — a three-CD collection featuring a remastered version of his classic album along with two CDs of outtakes and alternates. The project was produced by Greg Hampton and Johnnie Bolin.

    In the annals of rock history, Tommy Bolin occupied a brief, but shining stint as a brilliant guitarist who wowed those in the know with his mastery of many genres — rock, fusion, funk, reggae and heavy metal among others. Along with a much-lauded solo career that pushed the boundaries of rock/jazz fusion, Bolin played with THE JAMES GANG and DEEP PURPLE, setting him up for major solo guitar stardom, which was cut short by his untimely death in 1976.

    Along with the three-CD "Teaser" box set, 429 Records will release a five-CD set, "The Definitive Teaser Collector's Edition" which will also include the two-CD deluxe version of "Great Gypsy Soul" — a collection of Bolin songs recorded by a top-notch roster of players who signed on to pay tribute to Bolin. Produced by Greg Hampton and Warren Haynes, it's a remarkable project that brings together major players who actually perform alongside Tommy Bolin's playing and vocals from the recording outtakes to "Teaser". Peter Frampton, Warren Haynes (a key supporter of the project), Nels Cline, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Brad Whitford, Joe Bonamassa, John Scofield, Derek Trucks, Glenn Hughes and Myles Kennedy all contribute to this amazing project. "The Definitive Teaser" and "Collector's Edition" will be released by 429 Records on July 31.

    Tommy Bolin was the quintessential guitar prodigy who focused his talents within the burgeoning rock/metal scenes of the early '70s as well as mastered a highly lauded jazz fusion technique catching the attention of rock tastemakers and guitar legend peers. It was just a matter of time before Bolin was making a name for himself playing on projects as diverse as Billy Cobham's "Spectrum" project (considered one of the great jazz fusion recordings of all time), replacing Joe Walsh in THE JAMES GANG, playing session work on seminal fusion projects by MOXY and Alphonse Mouzon, to replacing Ritchie Blackmore in DEEP PURPLE. With the release of his second solo album "Private Eyes", what should have been a red letter moment for Bolin, opening up for Jeff Beck in Miami, sadly turned tragic as Bolin was found dead of an overdose shortly after the gig.

    Says Warren Haynes: "Many of the guests added after the fact have a close personal connection to Tommy — all share in acknowledging his place in rock history. Watching (and hearing) it all come to fruition some 35 years later was a journey of its own — well worth the travel."

    "The Definitive Teaser" track listing:

    Disc 1

    "Teaser" Remastered

    01. The Grind
    02. Homeward Strut
    03. Dreamer
    04. Savannah Woman
    05. Teaser
    06. People, People
    07. Marching Powder
    08. Wild Dogs
    09. Lotus

    Disc 2

    Alternates and Outtakes

    01. Teaser
    02. Flying Fingers
    03. Cookoo
    04. Wild Dogs
    05. Chameleon

    Disc 3

    01. Crazed Fandango
    02. People, People
    03. Smooth Fandango
    04. Marching Powder
    05. Homeward Strut
    06. Oriental Sky (Lotus)

    Deluxe version of "Great Gypsy Soul" track listing:

    Disc 1

    01. The Grind (w/ Peter Frampton)
    02. Teaser (w/ Warren Haynes)
    03. Dreamer (w/ Myles Kennedy and Nels Cline)
    04. Savannah Woman (w/ John Scofield)
    05. Smooth Fandango (w/ Derek Trucks)
    06. People People (w/ Big Sugar and Gordie Johnson)
    07. Wild Dogs (w/ Brad Whitford)
    08. Homeward Strut (w/ Steve Lukather)
    09. Sugar Shack (w/ Glenn Hughes and Sonny Landreth)
    10. Crazed Fandango (w/ Steve Morse)
    11. Lotus (w/ Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Huges and Nels Cline)

    Disc 2 - Bonus CD

    01. Flying Fingers (w/ Oz Noy and Nels Cline)
    02. Marching Bag - Movement One (w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Greg Hampton, John Scofield, Sonny Landreth)
    03. Marching Bag - Movement Two (w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Steve Lukather, Derek Trucks, Peter Frampton)
    04. Marching Bag - Movement Three (w/ Gordie Johnson, Bolin, Nels Cline, Oz Noy, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Joe Bonamassa)
    05. Marching Bag - Movement Four (w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Warren Haynes, Joe Bonamassa, Oz Noy, Brad Whitford, Peter Frampton)

    For more information, visit

    Tommy's music lives forever. He is forever YOUNG :thumbup:
    On July 31 429RECORDS will release Tommy's Classic Milestone again. The classic work TEASER will be re-released. The Definate Teaser as a three CD collections, with the remastered original album and two CD's with outtakes and alternate versions :)
    There will be also a 5 CD version: a Collectors Edition with cover versions of GLENN and STEVE MORSE :cool:
    Tommy rules :thumbup:

    They're milking the cow dry.

    The 2 extra cds of 5 cd version is infact the Great Gypsy Soul cd, on which Glenn does 2 songs.
    I have that one for months and it's in fact my least favourite Bolin cd.

    I love Tommy. Teaser and Private Eyes are timeless jewels.
    I love the Teaser Deluxe version that was released awhile ago with alternate versions.
    But this boxset I definitely won't buy.
    Myself I'm waiting for the same treatment for Private Eyes.
    Like the Whips& Roses cds and the Teaser deluxe version.