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    The rumours were right: glad to know it for sure know. After two years of Classic Deep Purple Live songs, time for something new.

    Dead Daisies is a great band. I’ve seen them live with Marco, also a great bass player. Glenn is a bass player in the same high-class division. But most of all Glenn is a much better singer than former singer John Corabi.

    Glenn Hughes and Doug Aldrich together again. Great to look forward to.

    I'm not that crazy about it.
    Prefer a GH album, his last one was killer. But I know bills have to be payed

    On the internet I read the announcement of 2 shows in October. On the 10th of October Glenn would play (for the sixth time) at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers.
    In February Glenn told me that he would like to play there again.
    Matt Fillpini would be the guitarist. A couple of days later Filippini told on his Facebook account that the shows were cancelled. The show is still listed at the site of Spirit of 66.

    Any information?

    I was there, an amazing show. A crowd that's getting younger and younger.

    Met Glenn before the show. He told us that he was coming back in July or August to Europe. He was focussing more on live shows and dvd and less on recording.

    So everyone who missed this tour will get another chance.

    BCC 4 will be released in September.

    Is it true that Søren isn't part of all the dates?
    Supposingly he is replaced by a guitarist called Anders.

    Does anybody know what time the soundchecks are?

    The track listing for Resonate

    1. Heavy
    2. My Town
    3. Flow
    4. Let It Shine
    5. Steady
    6. God Of Money
    7. How Long
    8. Landmines
    9. When I Fall
    10. Stumble & Go
    11. Long Time Gone
    12. Nothing's The Same (Bonus Track)

    I know, from my own experience, it costs a lot of energy.

    Two years ago my I had to undergo a knee replacement, it was the result of a car accident 30 YEARS earlier.
    The last couple of months I could only walk with crutches. But still I went for a walk with my dogs every day for at least 1 hour a day. The dogs, one died last year, were everything for me.
    Beside the replacement they had to correct my leg, it was crooked.
    With a lot of dedication and the desire to be able to walk (ride a bike) again, I was up on my feet in a couple of weeks.

    David, the Ramshead always has 'meet & greets' but they don't usually cost 'extra'..... I guess this new 'trend' (VIP packages) will be the 'end' of the 'free' meet & greet...... :(

    I guess you're right.

    A long time ago I was at a Glenn Hughes concert and he and JJ Marsh came out to the bar to say hi, sign stuff and pose for a picture.
    But that changed over the years (although I've been backstage, thanks to my son). Last times he took the backdoor, right away in a car and waving from behind the window.

    Know people who bought the VIP package. I went with my wife and son, so it was much too expensive to buy those tickets. If I would've gone alone than maybe I would have bought one.…com/pin/create/extension/

    Pontus told me yesterday that there are plans to record a new GH album in February.
    But he and Doug may or may not be on the album. It depends on their very busy schedule.

    I hope they find some time, because they are a very tight band

    I hope he won't play any Deep Purple mark II songs.
    Much more prefer something from Black Country, Califonia Breed or Glenn's solo stuff.

    Will see him in October and hope less DP songs.

    On the other hand it's great to see him live again, so doesn't matter much what he plays. It'll be great anyway