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    After some adsl problems i've had here in Holland I want to wish you a very happy birthday Glenn! Also by the members of the Ursem fanclub.
    Greetz and cheers,
    Tipper (big crazy guy)

    What a great night again. Glenn is surprising "the Ursem fanclub" over and over again. A very big compliment for J.J. who I think played his best set ever. Uncle himself was sweatting like hell in his just bought new stage clothes while his own clothes were at a wrong plane.
    The corona's tasted really good, because the lemon was freshly cut while waiting.
    Does anybody know why Glenn choosed this place to play this gig? I liked it a lot but it was a long journey for us. Luckely it was sponsered by Coen Koters company "General Cars and parts". We went in a big american pick-up Dodge. It felt compleet.


    Hello Guys,
    Anyone of you already know anything about a soundboard recording of the Zoetermeer show last year?

    I really would like to hear anything about this. I very much like the recording of Stormbringer at the arrow rock festival.

    I think it really is Arjen. This is a massive chance for uncle. It will be great for him and for all of us.
    The "Ursem" fanclub will be there!

    I hope I don't overask Glenn if he also will be playing the "Waerdse temple":bow:

    Well anyway, this already is good news.

    Greetz. Tipper

    Hee guys and dolls,
    I was hoping to find out some news about Glenn touring Europe again. Maybe it's wishfull thinking but we are ready again for another amazing night(s).
    So if you guys know anything about an upcoming tour?
    The "Ursem" fanclub has set their wheels on another F*&^in' great rockshow!!
    We want Ome Glenn!!!
    P.S. Why can't I find a red white blue icon? I find here a lot of dutch people on this forum but no red white and blue icon.
    Do I make a mistake?

    You make me feel comfortable.
    It took 2 years before Glenn returned to Holland before last show in Zoetermeer en Arrow Rock.
    Hope he will be here soon to kick some ass :thumbup:

    Great news David!
    I will inform the "Ursem"fanclub.
    Were can I read more about what you're telling me?
    Or do you have insight information?

    Thanks David for this information.
    What do you know more about Glenn's European tour? Will he be touring Holland again? Is Chad coming with him? (Will there be a chili peppers tour this year?)

    I really hope Glenn will come to Holland again. I also realize Holland was very lucky to have Glenn last year. But we want so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bouncer:

    Hello Glenn,
    I very much appreciate your post here on the gallary.
    I'm still dreaming of the Zoetermeer Show in Holland.
    I really hope it will come out on dvd. Also the "Ursem" fanclub would like that.
    Hope we'll see you soon in Holland. There's a new club in Holland called Waerdse Temple ( We would love to see you play there. It's very close to the little village of Ursem. The "Ursem" fanclub will have enough room to get you guys a good night sleep.


    Does anybody know if Glenn is planning a European tour with Toni Iommi?
    He said he was planning to start this at the end of 2005. He told us so in Zoetermeer Holland!

    Oh MY GOD!
    What I saw yesterday was a trip to march or beyond.
    Holy smoke. I've seen Chad Smith's ass. But above all, Glenn!!
    Finnally he realised he is the one and only "ome Glenn" He even said he was "uncle Glenn" for the Sabs. No Glenn you are our
    And Chad, you are uncle ASS (kicking mother fucking rock and roller)
    JJ, uncle JUMP
    Kjell, uncle high notes look easy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a night, what a show.
    Greetz, deaf Tipper.