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    Glenn Hughes has cooperated on the new CD by popular Czech funk band 'Monkey Business'. The album is called 'Kiss Me On My Ego'. Glenn sings on two songs: "Weekend Warrior" and "Silence".

    Another one guys !
    A few months ago, Glenn said that he will stop outside projects to concentrate on his solo career.....

    Dear Fedor,
    why don't you want to hear more about a bad show ?
    If i though it was a bad show, it is possible for me to say that on this kind of forum. Right ? Or only positive ideas are allowed ?
    Higher ground was great but what about the end of mistreated and the horrible burn as i said here above? It was not the first time they played those songs !
    In front of a big crowd of people who have never seen Glenn before, playing new songs or songs from his solo career was a better idea. So he will be known for his actual and future position in the music history. Glenn said himself that his career is in front of him and not in the seventies.
    Best regards.

    The show in Zoetermeer seems to have been a great show!

    Yesterday i saw Glenn at the Arrow Classic Rock festival. This kind of forum must accept bad reviews as good reviews.

    I saw Glenn perhaps 30 times ( a lot of great shows and some bad shows due to illness or technical difficulties ) but yesterday it was something else.

    The set list was different, only two songs from Soul Mover and nothing else from his solo career. And always the same old Deep Purple songs.... Great surprise Higher Ground from Stevie Wonder!

    Glenn was in good mood and in great shape. But the band was completely wrong. Chad Smith plays very well but it was like it was the first time he plays with the band. Burn was horrible ! At the end of Mistreated all the band was lost, nobody knows when it was the time to end the song.

    The sound was too loud and not clear ( later i saw Lou Gramm with a perfect sound).

    At the end of the show Chad Smith destroy his drum kit, very spinal tap and ridiculous!

    One thing to explain this, there was no rehearsal for this show! But when you know that you will play at a festival, in front of a big crowd, you have no excuse.

    Perhaps my review will hurt some of you, but it is what i think now and i want to say the truth.

    The promos are already sent to the radiostations.
    Anyone can download illegaly the complete cd on the net....
    But if you are a real fan, you'll buy the original cd.....
    Anyway this cd is a bomb, a real winner !
    Congratulations Glenn and Tony:claphands

    First Glimpse of New Iommi Cover

    With the cover artwork for the new album, ‘Fused’, finally approved, can now exclusively give you a sneak preview.

    The cover was designed by UK based designer, Hugh Gilmour, who has previously worked on covers for Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, David Bowie & The Beatles amongst others.

    The album is due for release worldwide on the Sanctuary label on 12th July 2005.

    Tony Iommi, the legendary BLACK SABBATH guitarist, will release his new album, "Fused", on July 12, 2005, via Sanctuary Records. This will be Iommi's third solo album.

    Joining Iommi on "Fused" is former DEEP PURPLE vocalist/bass guitarist Glenn Hughes and former JOHN MELLENCAMP drummer Kenny Aronoff, who has also played sessions with the likes of THE ROLLING STONES, BOB DYLAN, ROD STEWART, ALICE COOPER, BOB SEGER, LYNYRD SKYNYRD and countless others. The trio will hit the road to promote "Fused" later this year after BLACK SABBATH finishes headlining the 10th anniversary Ozzfest tour.

    The 10 songs on "Fused" are as follows:

    01. Dopamine
    02. Wasted Again
    03. Saviour Of The Real
    04. Resolution Song
    05. Grace
    06. Deep Inside A Shell
    07. What You’re Living For
    08. Face Your Fear
    09. The Spell
    10. I Go Insane

    Iommi has worked with both Hughes and Aronoff in the past. Hughes is a longtime friend who sang on the 1986 BLACK SABBATH Featuring Tony Iommi album "Seventh Star". In 2004, previously unreleased songs they had collaborated on eight years earlier were completed and released by Sanctuary as "The 1996 DEP Sessions". Aronoff played drums on the song "Black Oblivion" on Iommi's self-titled 2000 solo album, which was loaded with all-star guest appearances. "Fused" was produced by Bob Marlette, who also manned the studio boards for Iommi.

    "I put some ideas for four or five tracks down about three years ago, but I hadn't written them specifically with Glenn in mind," Iommi says. "After 'The 1996 DEP Sessions' was finished last year, I said to my manager that I should try Glenn on my solo album. Glenn came over to England and we did a trial run writing more material and it was unbelievable. His enthusiasm is amazing. He is so full of energy and great song ideas.”

    "The ideal thing for me is to work with collaborators. I can come in with riffs until the cows come home, and I do that all the time. I like to do it that way and then build the song with somebody else."

    Iommi and Hughes tend to write quickly when they settle in. Once the basic song ideas were written for this new album, Hughes worked on overall melodies and lyrics. The songs were in place, but a drummer was needed to tie it all together. Iommi was eager to work with Aronoff again and had him in mind from the beginning. The highly respected skins-basher was thrilled about the invitation, especially when Iommi said he wanted to tour to promote "Fused".

    "I definitely knew that for my next album I wasn't going to use a lot special guests again. I wanted to use just one singer, and I also wanted it to be more like a band this time. The idea was to go into the studio with Glenn and Kenny play everything live. It was great. I really enjoyed doing it that way," says Iommi. "That was the original way you used to record, and that was the only way I knew how to record for a long time. Only a few years ago did I start recording the other way, by building up and layering tracks. By playing live in the studio, you can hear exactly how the songs are going to sound and whether they work."

    These new songs most definitely work, and they rage with the same fire and intensity that mark Iommi's best. There is nothing quite like the sound of a power trio, because there can be no weak links — each musician's efforts stand out. There is no place to hide. Iommi, Hughes and Aronoff feed off each other, whether it's the concise punch of "Dopamine" and "What You're Living For" or the fluid twists and turns in the nine-minute epic "I Go Insane".

    Iommi's lethal guitar crunch leads the charge. Hughes truly pushes himself to the edge and adjusts his voice to fit the overall direction of each song while simultaneously propelling the rhythm with his pounding bass guitar. The volcanic thunder Aronoff unleashes from his drums sounds like nothing he has done before. Marlette's sparkling, crisp production results in a hard-hitting, modern, in-your-face sound.

    "Bob is a fantastic producer. He also played a few keyboard parts on this album because he wanted to get his hands in there!" laughs Iommi.

    Marlette's major role as the producer was to provide that extra, objective pair of ears and determine when a song was finished. He also judged Iommi's solos and usually found what he looking for after four or five takes. However, Iommi often wanted to lay down more solos with the purpose of topping himself with each pass.

    "I tend to keep trying solos until I get to where I say, 'Oh yeah, I really like that one.' It's not often I say that, but you're always trying to get that one you're happy with," he says. "Sometimes it is difficult working with a producer when you have been a producer yourself, but it's good to compare ideas. To get the best end result you do whatever it takes."

    Iommi's excitement about "Fused" is at a fever pitch and he cannot wait to tour with Hughes and Aronoff.

    "In addition to playing material from this album, we'll probably do a couple of tracks from 'The 1996 DEP Sessions' and a few SABBATH songs too," he says.

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    From Blabbermouth
    BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi is said to be making great progress with his new album which, as previously reported, also features Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) on vocals and Kenny Aronoff (ex-JOHN MELLENCAMP) on drums. They’ve cut 13 tracks, all produced by Bob Marlette, who worked on Tony's first solo album ("Iommi") in 2000 and the BLACK SABBATH "Reunion" album in 1998, and whose recent productions with SEETHER and SHINEDOWN are currently in the U.S. Billboard charts.

    Compared to the songs on the recently released "The DEP Sessions" (featuring songs recorded by Iommi and Hughes in 1996), the new material is "more riff-oriented," Iommi told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. He also promised that, like its impromptu predecessor, the songs would "come together very, very quick."

    The album is now at the mixing stage and discussions are taking place regarding the release date, which will be later this year. Tony is also hoping to be able to take this album out live. More information will be made available soon.