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    Hi Carl,

    your english is much better than mine...
    But for all of you, i confirm what Carl said.
    We were yesterday in Zaandam and it was one of Glenn's best show in years... and what a great band!!!!
    Thanks again Glenn for making especially for both of us this evening unforgettable (you will see what we lmean).
    Great to see you again Carl...
    See you again on the road.

    Cecile & Martial

    Hi friends,

    just back from Verviers.
    Same set-list as the previous UK gigs.
    But what a band, excellent musicians. They give fresh air to Glenn's music.
    And what about Papa, he was in a big funky mood !
    Some songs have new arrangements and it works very well.
    Me and my wife were so happy with the show that we decide to go to Zandaam this saturday.
    See you there


    Read this on a John Waite's site...

    According to the press release from Classics In Rock ,the festival is pushed back till late march 2007. One of the aims is to get back with an even bigger list of artists that will play the festival

    From majesticrock records

    Artist - ROBIN GEORGE
    Released 01-05-2006
    Price: £11.99
    Having single handedly ushered in the age of high tech AOR with his classic 1985 album ‘Dangerous Music’, Robin George has earned his place at the head of the table. Add to this his work and close association with the likes of Asia, Thin Lizzy, Magnum, Robert Plant, Diamond Head, Glenn Hughes and the like…well, you get the picture. The man’s connected.

    His latest album ‘Crying Diamonds’ continues his move back towards hard rock territory and features a song in the album’s title track co-written with the legendary Phil Lynott, as well as a cover of the great man’s ‘King’s Call’

    1. Learn The Dance2. Thanks For The Memories
    3. Face To Face4. Judy
    5. What Goes Around....6. Loving You
    7. Cocoon8. Flying
    9. Haunted10. Crying Diamonds
    11. King’s Call12. Things Have Got To Change
    13. Yesterday’s News14. Roulette
    QUOTE : “….what I have here and now is a completely reborn Robin with a comeback album that sees our man return to what he’s best known for: a solid hard rock album! “Crying Diamonds” is named after a song that George co-wrote with the late Phil Lynott. Other co-writings include opener “Learn The Dance” (with David Byron) and “Haunted” (with Pete Green). Together with a cover of Lynott’s “King’s Call” and ten other (new) songs, “Crying Diamonds” is an album you should really check out.”

    “New solo album from legendary guitarist Robin George, on which he plays or programmes most of the instruments. Modern sound, heavy sounding, solid hard rock. There’s some good songs here, with some older songs that were co-written with Phil Lynott and David Byron. Some decent tunes make for a good listen.”
    Joe Geesin / Get Ready To Rock 3.5/5

    “Crying Diamonds” is an infectious bluesy pop rock album that showcases George’s knack for writing catchy melodies and bittersweet lyrics. Featuring a cover of the late Phil Lynott’s “Kings Call” and the title track, which the two co-wrote together, along with writing contributions from David Byron and Pete Green, there’s plenty here to impress the AOR fans out there” Rock Something 3/5

    “…best known as the man credited with the invention of “technical melodic rock”. What that means is this: he has a sound all of his own, instantly recognisable, not to be confused with any other. It also means that one, the sonics are clear, sharp and beautifully balanced, and two, the measured arrangements are full of crisp invention, colourful flourishes and an irresistible bounce. George doesn’t write instantly memorable tunes. His melodies are often gossamer thin, but he spins them out and expands them into something more substantial. Later, you find yourself humming his tunes without realising that they’ve insinuated their way past your natural defences. What we need now is some brand new material. Meantime, this’ll do just fine” 7/10

    What a show yesterday in Belgium, perfect set list and a wonderful band on stage.
    Glenn was perhaps tired but in great mood.
    Great to see him again so "natural" with a look less classic rock than before. The songs from MFTD are all "killers" on stage!!!
    Thanks for this wonderful evening Big Daddy, we love you !!!!

    Set list:

    valiant denial
    monkey man
    you got soul
    land of the livin'
    don't let me bleed
    nights in white satin
    black light
    wither shade of pale

    A friend of mine bought yesterday in Brussels an australian cd single featurind three tracks:

    2.Nights in white satin
    3.Mistreated (live) (from Soulfully...)

    Never heard about this product before...

    [FONT=VERDANA,ARIAL,HELVETICA]Check the entire interview here :[/FONT]

    Yesterday i was lucky to hear the new Gary's cd " Old New Ballads Blues" (i have a friend who is working in a record shop). Another blues cd with some 2006 re-recordings. But i think this one is a good one. Listen to "Ain't Nobody" and this song could be another top twenty hit in UK.
    Good surprise !


    QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali has posted the following message on his official web site:

    "I am happy to report that I have completed the drum and percussion tracks for the new QUIET RIOT studio CD. Next we will commence recording the rhythm and lead guitars courtesy of Neil Citron. Neil, who is one of my closets friends and a truly amazing guitarist, has been playing some really wonderful parts for the new QUIET RIOT songs which are the most varied we have written to date. The guitars will be followed by the bass tracks. I am thrilled to report that another very dear friend Tony Franklin [WHITESNAKE, THE FIRM] will be playing bass on the new CD. I have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful bass players in my career, but none better than Tony. He is the bass players' 'bass player' and a pleasure to play with. Very soon we will be ready for Mr. Kevin DuBrow to record the vocals.

    "Kevin has come up with some truly inspiring vocals on this one, and as a bonus we will have Glenn Hughes on a vocal duet with Kevin on a special song with Glenn also contributing his unique bass playing to that one track as well. This will be the first track since the 1982 'Hughes/Thrall' release that Glenn and I are the recorded rhythm section I hope that those who are fans of QUIET RIOT will be both pleased and surprised with the new CD. Everyone else, like it or not can make up their own minds. At the moment, it's all good with QUIET RIOT!"

    QUIET RIOT recently enlisted their friend and guitarist Billy Morris (ex-WARANT) to perform with them on selected live dates in the same capacity as he has done in the past.

    QUIET RIOT parted ways with guitarist Tracii Guns (BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION, ex-L.A. GUNS) less than a month after announcing his addition to the group. The split was attributed at the time to "the musical diversity of styles" which "would not work to our mutual satisfaction

    I prefer a great dvd with full of overdubs and a perfect image quality, it's a pleasure to watch it, the sound is incredible.

    I know it will be difficult for some of you to hear this but...
    Glenn's dvd is one of the badest dvd of my collection....
    Perhaps David had a bigger budget to release his dvd but....

    April 24
    Moonstone Project
    - Time To Take A Stand. The first real hard rock event of the year has arrived! Featuring Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes, Carmine Appice, Kelly Keeling, Paul Shortino, Steve Walsh and more, this album is the culmination of a dream for Italian guitarist Matt Fillipini and what a dream!