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    I notice that in the review of the new Snake's live CD it states; "only when Coverdale reaches back to his Deep Purple days on disc two's medley of Burn and Stormbringer does his voice truly fail him. But in truth, he always left the killer notes on Burn to Glenn Hughes."

    Stay Fun(ky)

    Mikey D

    Nice to see him admit it...:)

    DC has a good voice, but he ain't no Glenn Hughes.

    Absolutely brilliant! :thumbup:

    It's long overdue, it's so nice to see Mel getting the attention he deserves.

    Reading some old posts on here, it seemed to me that maybe Mel himself didn't fully appreciate how much he & his music mean to so many people. I think he's been put right on that score by Wolfy and many others, well done guys :claphands

    A full-blown Trapeze website must be next on the list....:D

    Good points! As a recent joiner, I was slightly puzzled by the apparent lack of recent posts. There is so much info about Glenn & Trapeze, etc. here that I'm busy for the next month just playing 'catch-up'! :D

    Also, being in the UK means that most of you are probably asleep when I'm on here.....:cool:

    It's a brilliant site, guys. Respect to all involved in making it what it is.

    Keep on keepin' on...

    Hi, don't know if this picture is already around on here, apologies if so.
    It's a very early Trapeze promo picture, taken around the time of the recording of the first album.

    Trapeze (left to right). Back -- Melville Galley, Johnny Jones; centre -- Terry Rowley, David Holland; front -- Glenn Hughes.

    Hi all,
    This is my first post here, but I've been a huge fan of Trapeze forever. Had the pleasure of seeing them numerous times in the '70's although in the post GH era. I was lucky enough to meet the guys, and spend a little time backstage at a few gigs. Mel, Dave, Pete Wright & Pete Goalby were generous enough to take time to talk to a bunch of scruffy kids who thought Trapeze were wonderful. I've never forgotten those times (I'm sure they have...:cool:)

    As a guitar player, Mel has always been my favourite. I started to learn guitar because of him, although I will never come close to his talent and feel for a tune.

    Anyway, thanks for everything Mel, and when's the flippin' solo album coming out???