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    If I had to pick one it would have to be "You Are The Music". It is one of the best albums by anybody ever. There isn't a bad song on it and you get the full range of Glenn's vocals - soul, rock, funk. You also get fabulous guitar playing by the late great Mel Galley. There was a period in the 70s when I played this album every day for months. Time, other commitments and too much else to listen to prevent that kind of thing happening now.

    After that, Come Taste The Band, Stormbringer, Play Me Out, Hughes/Thrall and From Now On.
    After that, Phenomena, John Norum's Face The Truth, Return Of Cystal Karma.
    After that Liesegang's No Strings Attached, Hughes Turner Project, Soulfully Live in the City of Angels.

    Just a few thoughts.

    It would really help if you guys would read this thread in it's entirety, it would save you a lot of grief ;)

    I have David, and "exclusive.. they mean it...not released elsewhere for 20 years" seems pretty conclusive. I can wait for a regular edition of the book, but I might not be able to wait 20 years for the tracks :)

    The record will be a six track EP of all new tracks specifically recorded for this release. One of the tracks will be a previously unreleased song by Glenn Hughes, and will be exclusive to this EP. And when they say exclusive, they mean it! This recording will not be released elsewhere for at least 20 years!!

    This is the part that annoys me more than anything. I've collected everything I could get that Glenn's been on from the earliest days of Trapeze including spending a small fortune buying cds that he only sings one or two tracks on as a guest artist. This is because the music is what matters most to me. However, this price for 6 tracks is ridiculous. I know that there is a high quality book with them, but it's not a sufficient inducement to pay that price!


    I too remember this show as I was there as well. I did see Purple in 74 in Newcastle and they, and Glenn, were brilliant. It was a real thrill when Glenn walked on at this Trapeze gig though.

    However, I also remember the disappointment a couple of years later of having tickets for the reformed Hughes/Galley/Holland lineup (after Purple had split) and turning up at Wolverhampton Civic to see "show cancelled" signs.

    Coincidentally I had exactly the same three experiences. (I've just mentioned the cancelled show on a more recent thread). But what are the odds of us both seeing the Wolverhampton Civic show and seeing Purple in Newcastle. I was on the third row in the stalls for that and my ears were ringing for days afterwards. (In fact, I think they still are).

    Surprisingly they weren't as well known in their home country, the UK, despite a healthy local following, it didn't really spread out amongst the rest of the country, with the exception perhaps of in London.

    As part of that local following I can verify that it was healthy. I saw Trapeze play at the Forum in Cannock, Top of the World in Stafford, Wolverhampton Civic Hall and Walsall Town Hall. There was a always a good turn out. I might be wrong but I thought there was a reasonable following in the north east.

    I had Medusa and You Are The Music, but the first album was hard to get hold of for a while. I didn't buy it when it first came out, but I remember McConnells Music Centre in Cannock devoting the whole window display to a large mock up of the cover complete with a real little trapeze.

    As a I was also a Deep Purple fan I was really excited at the idea of Glenn joining them. At first I hoped they'd be a four piece, with Glenn being the lead vocalist as well as the bass player. It was a bit sad that he left Trapeze, but the subsequent four piece Trapeze were a great live band and never failed to put on a good show when I saw them.

    The big disappointment was when the three piece Trapeze were supposed to reform in 76, sold tickets for a UK tour and it wasn't until we got to Wolverhampton Civic on the evening of the show that we found out that the tour was cancelled.

    For what is now nearly 36 years I've been hearing the line "I won't last...., without lovin' " in the song Will Our Love End. Glenn's clear enunciation of the line last night put me right. I've often wondered why the title didn't seem to feature in the song. Please feel free to call me dim, but it does change my perception of the song.

    It was a really good show. Fabulous Getting Tighter in the electric set with a great bass solo and "riding your range" section. My favourite version of that is on the 1974 Kilburn Space Trucking, but I reckon he equalled that last night. Other highlights were acoustic versions of Black Cloud and Holy Man. Holy Man had an introduction added that was part of a song on the first Trapeze album.

    The Q and A section was entertaining. Glenn kept telling us that we'll find out more in the book, so it should be a good read when it comes out. Good to hear that he still gets on well with David Coverdale.

    If anyone can record it and put up here, it would be much appreciated :thumbup:

    I've just made a cassette recording of it, but don't have the technology to convert it. You are welcome to the cassette if you want it. If you do, pm me with an address and I'll send it to you. It only lasted about 20 minutes including adverts. Not much was revealed.

    The latest version of Medusa on ORK records is a definite upgrade in sound on the Threshold version. I asked this question a while ago and this was the answer I got and it is correct.

    Apart from that I'm not sure that there is much choice. You may just have to buy what you can get hold of. As far as I know my cds of the other albums are the original releases and they all sound fine. (My Threshold Medusa sounded fine until I bought the new one).

    There is a discography here:…gpfqxql5ldhe~T2

    I have the new re-ish & I think it sounds a lot better. I actually a/b'd them in the car. Not only is the overall volume louder, but the individual instruments are more distinct & crisper. Reminds my of the way it sounded when I initially got it on vinyl all those years ago....

    Thanks for that. Looks like I'll have to buy it for the 3rd time then (I have the vinyl but never got the Lemon CD fortunately).
    Totally agree about Dave Holland. His work with Trapeze is great.

    Thanks for posting the interview. Really good stuff.

    I see there was a mention of the Medusa reissue. I have the Threshold CD. Does anyone have a view on whether the sound is much improved and whether it is worth upgrading. (I've tried searching but couldn't find anything).

    Very quirky, indeed.
    "Julia" is an absolute classic and still helps their debut album sell a lot of copies these days.
    Both their studio albums have been reissued in remastered form recently, together with the first official and remastered release of their lost third album which also includes demos and live tracks.

    Glad to see I'm not alone :)
    There's also an expanded version of the fourth album "Lost In America" (or official 3rd?) on the same label as the lost third.