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    My best guess is that Joe Bonamassa will be in the supergroup.
    He´s recording in Malibu today with Kevin Shirley.
    I´ve got his Live at Albert Hall and I´m really impressed with the guy. In my world it´s a very good combination :bouncer:

    My best guess is
    Jimmy Page on guitar, Jason Bonham on drums, Glenn on bass and vocals and some super keyboardplayer like Keith Emerson.
    Otherwise we have the Toto connection with Lukather, Simon Philips and a keyboard player.... anyway - a new album with Glenn will be great :bouncer:

    I´ve been listening to the album for some weeks. This has to be one of the best album Glenn has ever done.
    Everything is better than the last album. I love the playing of all the instruments especially guitar and bass. Chads playing is probably part of the triumph but I´m not a drummer....
    The vocals are pure heaven.
    It´s the first album from Glenn since his return that don´t have a track that annoys me.
    The sad thing is that the wide audience probably never will find this masterpiece. But it´s a treat for us that has found it.

    To Glenn:

    :bouncer: :lol:

    Hopefully they will get something really good. Eventhough it may not be a classic I hope that they release it!!

    Feel must be Glenns best work since the comeback. The only song I have trouble with is the refrain for Save me tonight - which is a little too much. Otherwise the songs and performances are super!! :p

    If it´s half as good as Feel - then it´s a masterpiece.
    Funk is Glenns element.

    At the same time he does great stuff in other genres too.

    If I were Glenn I´d release the product as soon as possible.
    The only ones who have to wait for it are fans like myself - who don´t download - instead we give our artist the support they need by buying the records. Just a thought and of course - a little out of the topic....

    When RFC first came out I was a little disappointed with the songs on the album. But after a while the songs grew.
    My only let down is today is the fact that Gary sang on some of the songs instead of Glenn.

    Blues came before From now on.

    From now on is not my favourite. It has some really good songs on it. My absolute favourite is Feel - with Pat Thrall on some of the tracks.