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    At a school 'somewhere' in this great land of ours :rolleyes: it has been decided that Santa won't be dressed in red and white any longer but green and white ... cos red and white would confuse the kids who may just want to rush off and buy ... coca cola!!! :huh: :rolleyes: :confused: :( :lol:

    Exasperated seems to be the only word that comes to mind these days ... over so many things.

    I actually quite approve of that, I think it's nice that they go back to green and white, because after all he's only red and white because Coca Cola made him that way.

    Although I thought he was green with red hemming? Either way I think they're taking back Father Christmas (not Santa).

    The banning of various Christmas related things isn't really politcical correctness, it's actually just blatent anti-religious behavior. To claim that people of other religions are offended by Christmas being called Christmas is silly, I don't see how anyone could be offended by that. I understand that you might want to make it more inclusive and make a more generic holiday entitled Wintertide or whatever, but to say you CAN'T call it Christmas is silly.

    Although on the other hand, thinking about it, maybe I can see the logic of seperating the Christian festival of Christmas and the commercialised general holiday and cash-cow of Christmas. Maybe calling all those things that really have nothing to do with the birth of Christ under a different banner is actually a good way of making sure that Christmas still has some kind of religious meaning.

    I must say though, and I say this as a Christian, to call the UK a Christian nation in anything other than name doesn't make much sense, because the reality is that it's a multi-religious nation. Practising Christians are a minority.

    To do things like sending out cards saying Seasons Greatings might have more meaning for some people than saying Merry Christmas, because I think it devalues Christmas far more if it just becomes a completely non-religious event.

    Considering that Christmas is based somewhat on other pre-Christian festivites I don't think we can claim that it's a totally Christian festival through-and-through that no one else is entitled to enjoy, it's nature has changed over time. I think it's probably a good idea to keep the general festival that's always been there and have Christmas in a truer form kept seperate.

    However that 'Ho!Ho!Ho!' thing really doesn't make any sense, unless that Ho meant the same thing all this time and we just never knew...

    Play Me Out = I Got It Covered
    Hughes/Thrall = First Step Of Love
    Blues = The Boy Can Play The Blues
    From Now On = The Liar
    Feel = Livin' For The Minute
    Addiction = I Don't Want To Live That Way Again (my fav Hughes song)
    The Way It Is = You Kill Me
    Voodoo Hill = Sensitive
    From The Archives Incense And Peaches = Inside & Above
    Return Of Crystal Karma = Midnight Meditated
    Building The Machine = When You Fall
    Hughes/Turner = Heaven's Missing An Angel
    Songs In The Key Of Rock = In My Blood
    Hughes/Turner 2 = Losing My Head
    Dep Sessions = I'm Not The Same Man
    Wild Seed Of Mother Earth = Make Believe
    Soul Mover = High Road
    Iommi/Hughes Fused = Face Your Fear
    Made In Moscow = Let The Fire Rage
    Music For The Divine = Too High

    I posted my suggested cast of:

    Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas) - Crow (he has a really strong voice with a lot of range and depth, seems apt for a shapeshifter)

    Glenn Hughes - Wiseman (as said, he's a wise man, after all)

    Heather Findlay - Hope (Not too sure about that one, I couldn't think of any other female vocalists of the right age)

    Ronnie James Dio - Móhrdai (pretty much perfect as far as I can tell :))

    James LaBrie - Freedom (I love his voice, anything with him involved has to be good)

    Andrew "Mac" McDermott (Threshold) - Storyteller (strong, well articulated voice)

    Sass Jordan - Reptilah (I liked her performance on Nostradamus)

    Pamela Moore - Gamóhra (she's got quite a gravelly rasp, which I think would fit)

    I'm seeing H&H in the UK later in the year, totally unknown who the suppoert acts will be, although it could very well be the same.

    I can't say I've ever liked any of the MH material I've heard, though...

    It was a great night, for sure! Glenn was absolutely smoking! That was probably the best performance I've seen him give in a live setting, totally awesome!

    I've never been to Sherherd's Bush before, but it's a really nice venue, similar size to the Astoria, but it's not a complete hole. The acoustics were really good, great sound, but not as loud as some other venues (not as deafaning as the Mean Fiddler, for sure).

    We had a bit of a mess-up transport wise on the way down, we didn't realise some stations were closed on the Bakerloo line and so we took a detour that ended up taking about 20 minutes more. It didn't matter, though. We got there at about 7:45 and saw the end of Toby Jepson's set (had no idea who he was at the time), can't say I thought I missed much, they sounded rather like a rather generic rock outfit.

    I thought Nude Girls were fairly good actually, a bit different, fairly tight unit. I don't think I'll rush to their Astoria gig, but I found them fairly enjoyable.

    As I've said Glenn and co. were excellent. I thought the band was really good. Jeff played really well (although, I have to admit that his version of Mistreated doesn't come as close as JJ's to nailing it completely). The drummer was really good, I thought. A great set, perhaps I would have liked to see a few more Glenn numbers in their as apposed to so many DP ones, but they're still great.

    Had another mess-up on the way back and ended up not getting a train back to Watford until 00:34, we would have got the one an hour before, but there was a big hold up on the line at Oxford Circus...

    But aside from that it was an excellent night!