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    [SIZE=-1]That's a very nice story, Purple. It's always fascinating to hear how things like this live in some form or the other throughout the years.


    Thanks for posting these, Roger. I hadn't heard her before, she's fantastic. Effortless power like Susan said and a beautiful tone of voice. There's also something quite charming and soulful in her being.

    Bought this DVD for my brother for Christmas and we watched it together recently. It is a really good performance indeed. On first listen Nights in White Satin, Frail and The Divine stood out for me, working even better than expected in this setting and with truckloads of emotion. No comments on bonus material, since this package contained only the show + the 3 videos. Will buy the complete one soon enough, couldn't find it in time for Santa. Anyways, fantastic performance, go get this and buy another one for your friend, grandma, neighbour...

    A couple of shows and a DVD would do it for me, then back to solo work. I think Glenn has too much to offer on his own, wouldn't want to see him spending too much time playing the classics.

    Now, if there would also be some new music made in the Purple context or as a project with Jon, David, Ritchie, that would be a different story. Maybe not trying to recreate the old spirit but do something completely different than Purple...

    Last time I logged in I was thinking "hmm, I wonder if they change to christmas theme one of these days" and here it is now. Thanks, looks nice! How about some Soulful Christmas for the jukebox? Demands, demands...;)

    By the way David & Shirean, this website as a whole is just the best a GH fan could ask for, thank you!

    Good luck with the weather everyone, here in Lapland it looks a bit uncertain whether it's going to be a white christmas or not.

    Thanks Roger, very nice! "His time not mine" & "Wake up and dream" sound very relaxing, soothing to me. I also think there's no need for lyrics here, these instrumentals have a lot of substance and feeling. Music is a wonderful thing and we, the giftless (or/and lazy?), are blessed to have people like you around :thumbup:

    A bit late here, but hope you had a good one Glenn!

    Gongratulations for one more year spent being what you can be and thanks for giving us some preeeetty good music as a product of it.

    People PLEASE!!!

    Do not vote without your contacts / glasses on!!! Also, avoid voting when hungover, low on blood sugar levels, psychomotorically aroused or otherwise with shaky hands!

    I see that already a few have erroneously clicked on "No", when they surely must have meant the opposite.


    As some of you, I would also more than gladly attend a completely acoustic show, but perhaps a mix would be the best way to go. Many great songs to choose from for an acoustic set, but outside the Aussie set & mentioned ones I wouldn't mind hearing for example:

    - Feels Like Home
    - From Now On
    - Too Far Gone
    - Take You Down
    - It's About Time
    - Still In Love With You a cappella

    And as a transition from acoustic back to full force: From Another World :cool: