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    Thanks a lot Chip! The day was just fine and it was all wrapped up just only yesterday. My girlfriend had bought us theater tickets and we saw a great play, it's called "The Crucible" in english, a dramatization of the Salem witch trials. Based on yesterday, I would recommend it to anyone.

    (This late reply is due to not having noticed your post before.)

    Yep... That seems to be the latest suggestion. I do hope there will be a keyboard player, be it Derek Sherinian or someone else... Blame it on the Lord! J. Lord, that is.

    Almost too many things point to Joe Bonamassa being the guitar player in this new group for it not to be true. As for the drummer, I was also thinking of Kenny Aronoff after my first guess Mark Mondesir.

    How I would like to witness his acoustic show live... Asked about it from a promoter, or tried to ask, but no reply... Lazy bugger. Promotion for Glenn sucks big time in Finland, more than a pity.

    Well, the videos are great anyways, thanks!

    So what's the situation with the guessing? So far it seems that Kevin Shirley will be the producer. Glenn on bass & vocals. As for the guitarist, my vote goes to Jeff Beck. Glenn's sudden hiatus with his solo work calls for some major motivation, which also shows in his teaser messages. Correct me if I'm mistaken here with my memory traces, but a man who has made him cry for playing the guitar like no one else and with whom Glenn has wanted to work for a long time now would surely provoke such enthusiasm.

    What about the other two then? A drummer would be nice. Anyone got a clue what Mark Mondesir is up to? He has played with both Jeff and Glenn...

    Then it could be keys or another guitar, but I've done enough guesswork for now... It's great that something good is constantly happening for GH.

    Sorry to hear about Mel's passing. There´s very little that I know of him, but from his music I know for sure that he brought some beauty to this world. And from Glenn's words, a caring person shines through.

    Condolences to all those in grief.

    Wow... Thanks to David & Michael. Great to see Glenn and Little Ian sharing the stage.

    About the's not hard to tell where the fire is burning brightest.

    As for the Instant CD thing, I asked him about that in Detroit last week...he's going to look into how feasible it is...but it wouldn't be every show....more on a gig by gig basis type of thing. But it's certainly not out of the question, at least not at the moment.

    Nice, great fan-artist interaction!

    Thanks David & Harry, nice bunch of talents.

    I must say, Bob's expression in some photos looks like a weird mix of "kid in a candy store" - happy and downright scary. He would make one helluva frightening clown! ;)

    Love Communion... What a great song, very nice, very very nice I say. Gongratulations, Mr. Hughes! Wonderful track to be the first single.

    :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

    On your MySpace player, the mood stays the same when it goes from LC to I Got It Covered and the following songs. Being a huge Play Me Out fan, I think that says a lot.

    This not getting plenty of airplay would be like not showing *** on television. (replace *** with your favorite sports event, e.g. Super Bowl, football World Cup final, Wimbledon, Ice Hockey WC, Tour de France, Snooker WC etc.)

    "Abrasive" is a word I hadn't heard before, but I think I have a clue about what you mean. In my ears there's a certain kind of "rawness" in the way he sings in many parts of Black Cloud, for example. I like it, it's a young man using his amazing gift, singing his heart out. It's just great, the power he puts in it and the way it comes out as singing, not screaming.

    Nice interview, must have been a very special moment for Tracy. And it is so true about the man's way of life, it's easy to be happy for Glenn and admire him for what he has done with his life.

    Thanks for the link, David.

    "I Go Insane" really is an insanely good song :bow: :bow: :bow: Would be a real treat to hear that one live some day.

    It's a shame the Fused-tour didn't happen, but of course in the case of Glenn that just meant working on some other good stuff.

    I'm with Weissheim & Jon L here: I'd buy more than one if there was interesting variation in the set list. As for the price, 30€ sounds a bit too much for me! Of course if the USB stick was fairly good... But generally, I would expect these recordings to cost less than a studio cd.

    A couple of months ago I heard the Metropolitan Opera is broadcasting its shows all over the world. In this case, it was in a little swedish town called Haparanda. You can go to a theatre there and see the show live, with HD video and surround sound. Tickets were around 20€. This being opera, the live feed also features subtitles. Maybe this will be something common in the near future also with touring bands, with the technology involved getting better by the hour. Would be cool to be able to follow an artist through a world tour. A poor man's Living Room Tour, perhaps...