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    Nice. Hopefully this announcement clears away the frustration that's been felt related to the break-up of BCC and the over-stretched hints & rumours about what might soon follow.

    I'm happy that G & J went this way, working with the kid Watt instead of some more established chopmeisters. Cobb's involvement can't be bad. Judging by the trio's comments, the excitement to boost creativity has been there, as it was probably with BCC when they started. Unlike BCC, this might be a genuine win-win situation for all involved. The music might just turn out to be as fresh as the logo.

    The Mulberry Tree Ep is very enjoyable, Watt is obviously a hugely talented musician. As many of you have said, very interesting to hear what comes out of the collaboration!

    If some shadows of unfulfilled expectations from the past still haunt some of us (H/T 2, Shape 68...), the not-so-distant future just might bring the healing light...

    Judging by the Planet Rock special, this album for me has an instant appeal. The opener, Big Train, is GREAT!!! The train in question just might be the same funkrockymidnightbluish steam engine that I heard r-r-r-rooollling on the GH Soul Mover tour a few years ago... Unstoppable.

    ...we shouldn't at all be surprised about this, according to Bonamassa...

    Seems it's anyone's fault but his!…s-future-565671

    Uufff... What an uncomfortable read, that one! Why bother hanging on to a wish "to hash this thing out" in private, when you can vent it out like that in public. I guess Joe won't be called to join the Messengers of Peace by the UN anytime soon...

    ...or maybe he will, since on his own forum considerable efforts are taken to keep the discussions moderate:

    On a more positive note, glad to hear he's "particularly proud of this facet of [his] career".

    As I said yesterday, I have a gut feeling he'll be doing something with at least one member of BCC, if not more than one. [...] Your guess is as good as mine ;)

    I have guessed, but won't tell :)

    The silence surrounding this matter is in itself quite an achievement, but - as we all surely know - some people find it harder to resist the urge to unzip it, so to speak, which is of course true in several aspects of human behaviour. And these days, with videocameras in every other pocket, even the quickest and most innocent unzipping might be there for all to see and hear in a heartbeat... :rolleyes:

    Hi all,

    I stumbled upon a review of "2" written by Janne Stark, a swedish guitarist, writer and author.


    I did like the pure retro sound of it [the debut], even though this has been the subject for debate where some thought it sounded like crap. Already in opener The Outsider you can hear the band has listened to the critique and polished the mix a bit. The guitar is a bit clearer and the keyboards are a bit more prominent. To be honest it does glue together a bit better this time around.


    The songs feel very worked through and no details have been left unattended.

    You can read it here.


    Glad to hear that. I don't know what the funk is wrong with this country or it's music buying citizens, but no sign of BCC on our album list. Joe visited Helsinki a few months back, but I guess BCC isn't too well known. So far I haven't seen any articles about them. They do get airplay however, since the national Radio Rock has been playing Sista Jane, which is cool. I was very surprised to hear it, since Burn has been practically the only song featuring GH that I've heard on the radio here.

    I'm late as usual, but gongratulations anyhow, I hope you had a great day, busy though it was. Speaking of which, THANK YOU for keeping busy year after year for all of us here at! :clapper:

    :birthday3 :birthday2

    After a second listen, the new song just keeps gettin' better. I think it might be one of those rare ones that let's you in almost instantly and manages to overcome the destiny of many "instant favorites": getting boring after a while. Time will tell, but it certainly sounds and feels like it at the moment.

    Jason sounds wonderful on the drums and Joe has found a mighty fine rock crunch for his axe. Derek is unfortunately barely audible to my ears. And Glenn's vocal in OLS is just fantastic. It makes me feel like the first time I listened to Soul Mover. I love his singing on that song and album, it's just definitely "Glenn" and "rock", just like it is here.