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    Hi All,
    I apologize if a thread already exists (I couldn't find one). Anyway, after searching Amazon, the various retail music stores, etc., it appears that Songs For The Divine doesn't have a North American release. Can anyone confirm what the situation is?

    Is Sanctuary not distributing the record as they did Soul Mover?

    Info is greatly appreciated :bow:

    Although there are literally dozens and dozens of jewels featuring Glenn, I'd really have to say that my all time fav tune with Glenn at the helm is 'Feels Like Home' from the masterpiece, 'Building the Machine'.
    The track is probably the most emotionally fulfilling song I've ever heard. I have almost 2,000 CDs in my collection and I can honestly say that this one tune moves me as no other! The crescendo 3/4 of the way through it ecstasy, really.

    Other favs (as of today!) are:
    Don't Let Me Bleed (almost as powerfully moving as 'Home')
    Blue Jade
    Heaven's Missing an Angel
    Seafull (Soulfully Live version)
    Time if the Healer (Dep Sessions.....just so heavy!)
    Wild Seed of Mother Earth
    You Fool No One (such a classic)
    Written All Over Your Face

    Currently, I think the honor of greatest vocalist has to go to Hughes. I don't think anyone can compete with his range.

    With that said, my list is rather predictable & dull, really. But, I simply find the usual suspects to be the best!

    Dio (more power than any vocalist I've heard)
    James Dewar (RIP, formerly of the Robin Trower group)
    Jorn Lande (I think he's better than Coverdale)
    Ray Gillen (RIP)
    Ian Gillan (but not so much anymore...)
    Geoff Tate
    Anneke van Geirsbergen (the Gathering)
    Bruce Dickinson

    My feelings exactly.

    I do plan on buying the remastered version and giving it another chance. Glenn is simply too talented to release a poor product. Hopefully, the remastered version will breathe new life into the record and I'llf find myself digging it.

    I do like the songs from the record that I've heard released on Glenn's various live products....Muscle & Blood in particular. The sound/production on the album, however.....

    But it's the same with many artists in my view. Production qualities in the 80s - aside from a few bands - really suffered.

    For example: Plant's "Shaken and Stirred" and "Now and Zen"...awful sound.

    Sab's "Seventh Star"....the drum sound is dreadful.

    Judas Priest's "Defenders" through "Ram It Down"....all grossly ovderproduced.

    It's probably my least fav product featuring Glenn.

    I love the two Trapeze records (never heard the debut), adore all of the Purple records; both Voodoo Hill; both HTP (still waiting for Menn Project); every collaboration with Iommi and, of course, each of his solo records.

    Hughes/Thrall is the only one that doesn't move me. I think a lot of that has to do with the dreadful cheesy 80s production. It just sounds so.....synthetic and inorganic, for lack of better terms :confused:

    I've been a huge Glenn fan for about one year now (of course, prior to that, I appreciated his voice in Purple & Sabbath). On whim, I bought "Building the Machine", was totally blown away, and the rest is history!

    With that said, I literally JUST picked up "Play Me Out" 2 weeks ago, and am SHOCKED at how awesome this record is! I say shocked because I find "Feel" to be his weakest effort (still a strong record, I just the rest much more) and all of the reviews said that "Feel" was to be a throwback to the "Play Me Out" style. Well perhaps it is, but it doesn't pack the punch that Play Me does! I love the fast, heavy-funky basslines, the vocals, everything! Awesome record!!

    Now I'm going to have to find the "Four on teh Floor" thing that I see people here talking about!

    Good evening all,

    I've been a music fan for 20+ years, but only discovered the genius of Mr Hughes last March. (where the hell was I???)

    With that said, I see that Glenn recorded another record with Turner - but it's not been released in the North America (nor Western Europe?). Anyway, before I spend a small fortune on EBay, can anyone tell me if there are official plans to release this album stateside? :confused: