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    Lovely meeting you both again last night David and Shirean. Wow, what a set, I thought the current line-up of Glenns band is the best that I've seen, I LOVE the twin guitars and the new FUNK songs sounded just great, I only picked up a copy of the new album at the merchandise desk before the show so it's quite something when you hear Glenn tunes that you've not yet heard but love them as much as the old ones.

    I had a couple of friends with me last night that had never seen Big Daddy before and they couldn't say enough good things about him after the show.

    This was without a doubt one of the best shows I've seen the great man do, thanks for the snaps everbody and the film clip, top stuff.

    :clapper: Come back soon Glenn.

    :D Big Daddy definitely made Northampton a better place to be on Saturday night. great meeting Wolfysmith, David and everybody else at the Roadmender :thumbup: The sound quality was amazing, its not very often you hear keyboards so clearly with a rock band. Both band and crowd were clearly enjoying themselves. Nice little venue. I think the new songs have gone down really well during the UK leg of the tour, only once did I hear someone shout out "Getting Tighter" on Saturday, I think if anybody came down to the gig on Saturday just to hear Deep Purple songs, they would have been more than happy to hear songs from Soul Mover whether they've got the CD or not. Soul Mover is a great opener, Orion seems to implant that riff so deeply as to wake me up as an alarm call the morning after hearing it! Land of the Living is one of the highlights of the current set for me. JJ's guitar and Glenn's bass churning out that riff together - really powerful stuff.

    "Don't Let Me Bleed" really sounded good on Saturday. I don't think the band wanted "Burn" to end!! Continental Europe's got a great show coming their way :claphands Enjoy it as much as we in Blighty have :bow: HeavyLoad Rob & Hippy Karen.