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    Hi all

    Interesting topic of discussion. When you have had[and continue to have] such a looonnnggg and great career as Glenn has had it must be difficult for him to choose a set list. I have not managed to see him on the m4td tour so my first point is that everyone should be pleased that they got to see Glenn at all :rolleyes:

    What interested me about the Shepherds Bush setlist is how the m4td songs seem to have been dropped in favour of the Soul Mover songs to make space for the DP songs. A tacit admission perhaps that Soul Mover is the better album????

    We all have our favourite songs and preferences for the live sets- i at the moment would love to see a set list full of GH SOLO songs :D

    Best wishes to you all,



    Iain, and David, you both express my sentiments exactly! Glenn, trying my best to see you on the 29th!!! JJ, whatever is going on with you, best wishes. If i do not manage, along with Iain hope to see you in the spring.

    Bassboy, agree with you two. Worrying signs with regards to Hughes/Thrall 2. What a complete waste if the release doesn't come to fruition.

    Take care all of you out there...


    Hi again

    It took Glenn and JJ a while to gel as a team, will that be the same with the new guys? The last two albums certainly proved that the guys were a great team.

    I do wonder if JJ got a bit pissed off at playing second fiddle to firstly Dave Navarro, and subsequently John Frusciante, who came on the scene for their superstar guest appearances??? Do not get me wrong, i liked their input but if i was JJ i would have been disappointed.



    I'm with you Iain on this one. Whilst spreading his wings and arranging more European dates, Glenn's homeland gig numbers are reduced!! Now i know how my fellow ghcp's across the pond feel!

    A bit gutted really, sorry, but this is how i feel [did you see what i did there!!]

    Been looking forward to seeing Glenn again after a sensational performance on on the soul mover tour.

    Just have to look forward to the re issue of Hughes/Thrall and the H/T 2


    Well well

    Isn't this album dividing the fans!! Have to say that i can understand where everyone is coming from. There are moments on individual songs that i love, parts of the songs i dont like so much. Overall i really like it. I think the slower, less rocky/funky tracks such as Frail, This is how i feel [which my six year old daughter loves with a vengeance, and for that matter, so do i], and the Divine are the stand out tracks on the album. Even the two that i were not initially keen on, This House, and Nights in white satin, have grown on me. I think Glenn does an absolutly fantastic job vocally on the album, although he is a bit more restrained on the fantastic harmonies that only he can pull off.

    What would be the point of bringing out the same album over and over again like Iron Maiden, and AC/DC. Only kidding all you Maiden and ACDC fans out there!!

    Glenn, you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time!

    Take care everyone, see you on the Music for the Divine tour


    Hi everyone

    A week of listening to the new cd and do you know what-i really like it!!

    Not going to analyse each song. Love the valiant denial-long intro included!! Several long outro's as well. Love the funk outro on Steppin On.

    Love the addition of strings and acoustic guitar. Favourite song- This is how i feel right now- classy- any music fan should recognise what a beautiful song this is. Another two gems -The Divine, and Frail.

    Quite like the version of Nights in White Satin, but why included? Apparently 14-15 tracks recorded so what is happening with the not included tracks. Would like to have seen another original.

    Interesting to note how previous opinions seem to prefer the more gentle, poppy tracks, and i would agree.

    In summary, another great offering from Glenn. Never the same cd twice, and i kind of like that. If someone asked me what album it was similar to, i would say The way it is.

    Still feel that Glenn has a killer classic album to come-this is almost there

    Glenn and friends, hope to see you out on the High Road later on this year.