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    Wow, yes! I'd love to hear Glenn do Four Sticks; one of my favourite Zeppelin songs ever. Its obviously suited to Glenn's voice.

    As far as we know, Zeppelin only ever played it a couple of times live (Copenhagen and Ipswich 1971), probably due to the incredibly high vocal delivery that Planty was so good at back in 71.



    I just wanted to say that I think that the above is the best piece of Trapeze that I have ever heard committed to tape (ignore the recording quality). While I'm on the subject, it is also one of the best live recordings I have had the pleasure of hearing; I would include Humble Pie's Live Winterland King Biscuit 1973 in my 'obscure' list too.

    YLIA can be found on the 'ON THE HIGHWIRE' album or the 'WAY BACK TO THE BONE - LIVE' album.

    For those that haven't heard it, check it out. It will blow your minds, I promise!

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    Hi Mel,

    This mirrors a question I asked recently in the Forum;

    The DVD format has spawned a myriad of music orientated releases over the last couple of years and as a result, we have been lucky enough to see some great concert footage being released that probably wouldn't have seen the light of day in the VHS age.

    I wondered if there was any live Trapeze footage in the vaults that may be considered for future release on DVD?

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    Afternoon All,

    Apologies if this has been covered before but has anybody in the forum seen any decent live Trapeze footage?

    Trapeze and Humble Pie are two of my favourite bands but live footage is extremely hard to find (I have some very ropey footage of Humble Pie, the only decent early clip is 'For Your Love' on their DVD EP). I've never come across any Trapeze but I'd wager that they were a very dynamic band to watch on stage.

    Perhaps there are some old TV specials or live clips out there somewhere???



    Morning All,

    A kind member of the forum sent me the BBC Session recordings last year. As the recording is from the old radio broadcast, the quality is not brilliant. However, this doesn't detract from the quality of the music!

    Its put me on a bit of a mission to find out whether or not the BBC still has the tapes in its archive although to date, I have drawn a blank.

    Would any other members be able to advise on approaching the BBC to find out whether or not this is the case? I tried to contact Strange Fruit Records (who have released many other BBC Session tapes) but to no avail.

    It would be great to hear these sessions in broadcast quality.



    P.S. John Ogden plays a mean conga :clapper:

    I LOVE this album and I was surprised to see so many luke warm reactions on the forum but I guess life would be boring if we all held the same views!

    To save repeating myself, I wrote the following letter to Classic Rock Magazine here in the UK, which basically sums up my feelings about it;


    Being a major Glenn Hughes follower, I've been anticipating the release of the new Iommi album since hearing their excellent DEP Sessions collaboration. However, I finished reading Geoff Barton's review of 'Fused' in the last issue of CR in a fit of despair. How could this be? Iommi and Hughes in 'average' rating scandal. It couldn't be! Thankfully, some hope was at hand after reading the interview feature and the comforting words of Philip Wilding.

    Fused landed on the doormat this morning (the day of release). With great relief, I can say that Mr Wilding was in fact right on the nail and that Geoff Barton needs to book himself in urgently for an ear syringe! This album really cooks and the epic 'I Go Insane' is one of the best things I've heard in ages. No disrespect to Slash and his chums but if this track had appeared on the VR album, the kids would have really freaked. Think 'Falling Down' multiplied by 100 complete with bells and whistles.

    Fused is testament to the fact that the pioneers can still do it better than anybody else. In recent times, its rare to hear something really exciting but these two gentleman have pooled their years of experience and come up with something for the new millennium that still manages to reflect the legacy and quality of yesteryear. I look forward immensely to the planned tour; having witnessed a couple of GH gigs recently, I'm confident that it will be nothing short of spectacular.

    Iommi and Hughes, we salute you! :bow:

    Keith Lambert.

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if this has been asked before (which I'm sure it has!).

    I understand that Trapeze performed a BBC Session in the early 70's. I wondered if any forum members could tell me which numbers were broadcast and perhaps point me in the right direction to pick up a copy of the recording? I guess whilst I'm on the subject, it would also be nice to know what Glenn Hughes era Trapeze bootlegs are out there and which are the best one's to track down.

    I've searched high and low on the web but (as you are all aware), there is very little information about Trapeze which is a crime!

    Nice to be here and I hope to hear from some of you soon.