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    Yo Capt' ---

    It appears that you are jammin' in my old neck of the woods ! I lived most of my adult life in the Forest Hills/Kew Gardens area. Drop me an email so we can connect.... Great that Glenn can be heard in many different areas now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving - :mad:


    Todd & Angie--

    Congratulations to you both ,we can only imagine the joy and awe you must feel. Been trying to call you, but the number was changed... now we know what you've been up to... All the best.

    Love from,

    Kenny & Carolyn :clapper:

    Hey Capt' --

    While you're back groovin' in the hood...make sure you visit Greenpoint ,Brooklyn for the best authentic Polish food..You can fill up with good food rather cheaply,compared to a NYC bagel which will probably cost you an arm & a leg!! Just found out from Kenny's brother in Brooklyn, that a 2 bedroom apt is now running $2200/month.. Talk about paying an arm and a leg. FUGGEDDABBOUT it! Hope you research on a place to live before you make the plunge. You are a true adventurer at heart... best of luck to you. Kenny & I usually go back at least once a year to visit our family and friends. We MUST hook up some day. New York will always be my home :D God Bless It

    Stay well-- Carolyn :)

    Thank you all for your sweet wishes :)

    Had a great birthday, today I had my Lasik surgery and am now typing this without glasses...Yippee!!! So wonderful the gift of clear sight is....

    Hope to see all of you soon-- let's pray Big Daddy pays us a visit soon!!!!!

    Love Ya All --- :heart::cool:


    :clapper: Hi Chip---

    Wishing you the very best birthday ever!!!!

    Hope you had a great day.....;)


    Kenny & Carolyn :heart:

    P.S. Please email or call us privately when you can

    Hey Shirean .....:D

    Now that the candles have been blown out, and the cake eaten.....

    Hope you had a great birthday and celebration of life!!!!

    Here's lookin' at you kid!!....:cheers:

    Love from,

    Kenny & Carolyn

    P.S. Aren't birthdays FUN!!??? :clapper: :clapper: :bouncer:

    Hey everyone--
    Kenny and i just arrived home to Florida last PM (actually Home will always be NY to both of us!!). Had a blast, and just want to echo everyone's words about the show.... All that and more....

    Great to see alot of you again, altho there wasn't much time to hang-- Here are a couple of our pics for your viewing pleasure....;)


    David, Shirean -- cant wait to see you guys! We're flying this AM to NY and staying in Brooklyn with friends. We cant wait to see the show!...... See all you GHCP'ers soon....:clapper:

    Carolyn & Kenny

    Thanks guys so much for your wishes!!

    Enjoyed a nice quiet dinner with Kenny, which was great in comparison to the chaotic state my life has become lately.

    Been going through some tough times,but your thoughts make it feel better. Wish we could've made fanfest, Chip, but just wasn't possible this year. We both look forward to getting together at some point maybe next year with all of you.

    As for the old geezer, he loves to tell me... Keep livin' ... you'll catch up......

    Thanks again, my greatest birthday wish is for peace in everyone's life......

    Carolyn :heart:

    Happy HatchDay Shirean!!! :birthday3

    Sorry we missed you on your last excursion. Kenny wants you to know we have the Newcastles lined up for when you can get here again...

    Have a beautiful year ahead :)


    Cookie & Kenny:birthday:

    Hey Frank--

    Isn't life Grand? God, we are all so damn jumpy anticipating the dreaded season. I, for one, have a new respect for Mother Nature, and I'll be damned if I let silly things like "modern conveniences" that no longer exist get me down!! I am the NEW Women of Florida-- I can go unblown dried for weeks, I can cook a mean can of soup on the grill, i can hoist 25 lb bags of ice into a cooler with ease.... Oh, and did I mention i can go weeks without a shower and still smell fresh!!???

    Thought I might give you a laugh-- we just found out that our homeowner's insurance company is no longer writing policies in FL-- new price quotes from Agent (including Citizens) are triple what we were paying and we have until the end of this month to renew... Isnt Life Grand????

    Hope it finds you well....

    Cookie :) :D

    Swaddling clothes? With the commercialism of the season, I thought that was a big ole white beard you were starting to sprout!!

    Have a Happy. wonderful, fall down drunk birthday... Kenny wants you to know that Santa brought him his Rory Gallagher tshirts (wink, wink) -- hope you get everything you want (and need).

    Love and peace to you,

    Carolyn & Kenny :birthday:


    First off-- so sorry for my &*^%$ language but it's in my *&^**% blood....

    Bill -- where the hell are ya' livin' brother??? By the sound of it, you'd have more fun living in the desert with Chip & Todd, and soon to be Frank. Hell, we have a great time here in the land of swamps, skeeters and the Cone of Uncertainty....

    Thanks all for your support-- I guess it's been alittle rough for us too, being the only stressful things we encountered in NYC, was commuting to Manhattan via subway everyday. I used to think that was scary.....
    Anyway, God bless the government and the way they "muck things up" (dont get me started, Chip) :> }

    Lets plan this thing... Glenn, if you're reading this, I propose we all chip in to pay for a great AMERICAN extravaganza, sorry Euro, we could use this about now... and have a blast of a time-- Peace, Love, and all that stuff like it used to be....