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    Hi everyone!

    Kenny and I just returned home to FL last night. We were in the Finger Lakes region, then back to NYC for a Yankee game! We just wanted to tell everyone what a great time we had, thank you all for the birthday wishes... All of you made it so special for me.

    What a great show! Everyone sounded and played great, and Glenn's voice can still give me chills...Mike Moore is the most generous person I have met, and grateful thanks to D & S Harrison to make it possible. Will post more when I have rested a bit, and will send some cool pix this way!

    Love to you all,

    Carolyn & Kenny G :heart:

    :) Hi Shirean--

    So Sorry we missed "the Day"... just got back from NYC last nite, Here's wishing you all the best for your birthday and always....

    :clapper: :bouncer: :D

    Hope to see you soon...

    Love from ,

    Cookie & Kenny

    Man, you must be important, 2 places to post birthday wishes..!!!!

    Hope you have a great day David, and you celebrate with vigor...

    All the best to you -- :champers:

    Carolyn & Kenny

    :clapper: :clapper:

    Hey Cap't --

    Great show !!

    Kenny and I saw Trower at the Culture Room in Ft.Lauderdale apprx. 2 years ago. He was awesome then too. Standing room only -- like a flash from the past. only thing different is there was clouds of cig smoke around us instead of weed. (!!) :eek:



    Just wondering, who is going to Detroit very, very sooon.... :) :)
    Where are you staying, anybody up for a car pool, etc...

    I am really, really trying to get that time off to swing up there and see our beloved Big Daddy.. Kenny and I would love to be able to see the show and hang with everyone. Just getting some last minute details sorted, but looks so far Maybe (God Please), we will be able to swing it... woould LOVE your feedbaack

    Carolyn & Kenny Grady :cool:

    Hey Bill--

    Many Happy Returns to you on this Special Day!! Kenny & I suggest you head on over to the Irish Coattage on Austin St for a celebration.. :clapper:

    Happy Birthday To Labi, and many more...

    Carolyn & Kenny G

    Hi Everyone--

    Dont know yet if Kenny & I will be able to go- it's hard for me to get time off at this time of year, but I will damn sure try!!! If not, Kenny's b-day is that week and it would be a great present for him!!!

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    Take Care -- Carolyn

    Hi Guys!!!

    Just arrived home from Orlando. We had a great little mini-getaway! At least the weather turned cool (60's) and it felt alittle more like Christmas. David & Shirean-- we had a great dinner with you and I of course ate way too much.... Jason was very entertaining- we really enjoyed him.

    Best of the best to you all for 2008 --looking forward to a great year (And Cap't- we may see YOU in NY sometime soon-- Have a great Holiday!)

    Carolyn & Kenny :biggrinsa

    May your light shine on all of us.....
    Until we all meet again.

    I wonder if there will be a memorial service that all fans can attend.